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Chaos 2 Mark Elsdon


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Chaos 2 is now even better and comes complete with a full instructional DVD including extra handling tips!! 
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Customer Reviews

Very easy to do, setup is pretty much instant.
Takes approx 5 mins to master.

Spectacular reactions and the card selections are different everytime!

Fools everyone! GET IT NOW!!!
This is a brilliant effect which really fools people! I have done many tricks to spectators and THIS gets the best reactions, by far!!

Waste no more time, get it, you won't regret it!
Sean M
This is a great trick to perform as it is practically self working. It gets a great reaction too and involves a little bit of audience participation to get people engrossed.

The DVD is well produced and all the bases are covered. With a little bit of practice this will become staple.

Pick it up soon.
Ian Skeate
This is my current favourite 'card' trick which isn't a card trick - it's a 'box' trick! :-)
I'd say it takes about 30 mins to be able to do the whole routine and a few run throughs to get your own presentation off pat.
Once you have that it's a real baffler and gets absolutely great reactions as it's like nothing they've seen before and it seems to defy the laws of physics!
Get's a very high recommendation from me! ;-)


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