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Dice thru Mirror


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A dice penetrates through a glass mirror.
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Customer Reviews

Steve H
I remember buying this effect about, 9-10 years ago and this effect STILL fools the heck out of laymen. What I really like about this effect, is that you can hand out the die, pull out the mirror with the ribbon attached and show the leather case.
After they are convinced everything is legit, and after having them pull on the ribbon so the mirror won't move, and ever so slowly the dice can be seen to slowly melt through the mirror and drop on the floor.

You open up the leather container and the mirror hasn't move, in fact NOTHING has move except for the dice falling to the ground, and the spectators jaws drop to the ground as well. A truly great effect.
Brian Egerton
Expensive Tat. - I bought the Ali Bongo original and it was great. This is a Chinese clone that doesn't work properly and the mirror fell to bits (2 stuck together) in seconds. Badly made and overpriced for the standard of workmanship. Go for a second hand original where the mirror doesn't jam and the die falls straight. Love Alakazam but this shouldn't be stocked.


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