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Duel Match by Alakazam

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Customer Reviews

Steven Holt
This is a great wee predication trick. I had it when it was first released, I hate to think how many years ago that was, so I just re bought it to get another force card.

It's super simple to do. It comes with written instructions, they're easy to understand if you follow along with the cards in hand.

When you think about how the deck has been made up, it's actually quite clever. I like clever things, hence the reason why I do magic. I try and do magic.

I'd recommend this for a great wee mentalism effect that's a bit different like myself.

This is how magic should be. None of this getting the trick the next day and finding out you have to do an arts or crafts project. This is ready to go straight away. You'll have it down in 10 mins.

Steven Holt
Rick Mearns
This is a great trick and I've been performing it for years, HOWEVER, I wish they would've gone the extra mile and rid it of the 'blue back Bicycle' prediction card. I made up 4 completely different predictions and none have the standard Bicycle back design.
Alex Marchant
A really nice simple effect. Easy to do but really throws your audience when they think you have messed up, but you then do the final reveal. This is an old trick,but it's nice to have an update occasionally. Once you know the secret you can easily make your own with appropriate force cards..


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