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Easy to Master Mental Miracles R. Osterlind 3
In this exciting video event, Richard Osterlind, one of the world’s top mentalists, opens the vaults and reveals the inner workings of some of the best mentalism ever created.

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Distorted Visions by Jack Curtis and The 1914 DVD
The 1914 proudly presents DISTORTED VISIONS an instructional DVD by JACK CURTIS - author of the critically acclaimed underground mentalism book DISTORTED THOUGHTS. On this DVD, Jack, joined by professional mentalist LOOCH, teaches six incredibly strong, instantly resetting, real-world, close-up mentalism effects; designed and structured for high impact results. 
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Vino Sense by Spencer Tricks
Simple and direct mental effect you can perform anytime, anywhere!

You hand out a wine cork to your spectator. While you're looking away, the spectator holds the cork in either hand. You can tell which hand that the cork is in. The performance can be repeated.

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The Magic Of Nefesch Vol. 3 by Nefesch and Titanas - DVD
S.O.S.: Open a soda can with the power of your mind. 

Blood: The performer cries blood and the blood forms the revelation of the spectator's thought. 

Thread: Control a borrowed piece of thread with the power of your mind. 

CAN: Impromptu mentalism routine making a spectator stand on a borrowed can with an impossible twist. 

Bowling: A Mentalism prediction of a bowling game. 

No more kid's parties: Inflate a balloon with the power of your mind. 

Psy Car: Move a car with the power of your mind. 
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Further Education DVD by John Archer

Includes John's "Blank Night” Routine: The Effect That Fooled Penn & Teller!


The star of the highly-acclaimed & best-selling "Educating Archer" & "Blindfold Tips" DVDs is back with an all-new disc packed full of John Archer - doing what he does best...



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