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Master Wax - Card Colors
Steve Fearson's Master Wax now available in COLORS to match any playing card AND credit cards! Perfect for attaching invisibly to a playing card for your favorite levitation effects.

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 This is the real deal and is now available for magicians!

Imagine, borrowing a deck of cards and creating a key card by placing a daub mark on the back of a card!

 Virtually invisible to the untrained eye, this marking system allows you to locate a card FROM THE BACK without ever seeing the face of the cards!
Mini Card Stickers
This package comes with 3 sets, each set containing 4 sheets of mini card stickers with all 52 faces of a complete deck, with 4 extra jokers, 4 extra aces, 10 red backs and 10 blue backs to create all kinds of possibilities for your special magic effects.
Each package contains 3 sets or 12 sheets of total 240 card stickers without instructions
Card on Ceiling Wax  Bicycle Red
The colour has also been carefully selected to match Bicycle Card Red Backs.  The colourant is wax based, so will not stain the ceiling.
Fanning Powder
Like car wax for your cards. For smooth card fans, spreads & flourishes add some of this special powder to your cards. It will bring old deacks "back from the dead", no need to replace your special cards/ Makes new decks easier to handle. Perfect for trick decks, real decks, packet tricks, tarrot cards & business cards. One bottle will last you a very long time.

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