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iVanish by Ben Seidman
What makes a trick an instant classic of magic?

It takes several components. First, you must have an incredible method that fools everyone. Second, you need an emotional hook that insures that your audience cares about watching your performance. But the one thing that really makes a trick a classic is that it gets an incredible reaction...guaranteed.

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The Magic Of Nefesch Vol. 2  by Nefesch and Titanas

Frozen: A Signed coin to ice cube. 

PRR: Palm reading revelation. 

Clean Hands: Coin to soap, with an awesome ending. 

Rebeled Match: Traveling match routine. 

Skin: Card revelation on spectator's arm. 

T & R from hell: An impossible T&R routine on the table. 

FMachine: I don't want to say a word about it. You have to see it to believe it!!! 
 29.99  9.99

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