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Fantastic trick. Very simple to do. Booktest thrown in as a bonus. Superb value. DVD well presented and well explained. Very happy with my purchase and can perform within 10 minutes of opening.
Alan Rogers
P.s....lovecraft is superb and is priceless wow!
Dean Humpage
I bought this purely on the basis the routines were by Leo and Peter Nardi and the download does explain some excellent ideas. However, the method is so simple I have come with some of my own within minutes.The bags are well made and fit superbly into a jacket pocket. The price represents fantastic value.There is an opportunity for comedy or a serious mentalism set.Leo explains how they can used for stage as well as close up. I love simple but clever ideas and this fits the bill. Is suitable for beginners. Recommended !
Steve Black
P.s....lovecraft is superb and is priceless wow!
Dean Humpage
A classy wallet for the discerning mentalist or just somone who wants a product that will help them to read minds and influence people and impress and fool and entertain.
Eamon doohan
Dave Loosely has produced an ingenious effect which is supported by an excellent DVD that provides clear and concise multiple handling routines. The three gimmicks supplied give you lots of options, are easy to carry around and the different routines offer easy options to produce a high impact ending for all skill levels.
Lawrie Day
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