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What a massive impact for such a little book. A great easy to do mind reading, I used this within a few days of purchasing it and it was the talk of the night. I will always have this in my pocket. A must for every magician!
Steve Roberts
What an exellent , presentation and idea , I've been studying mentalism for 40 years .This is fresh and knew , and had me baffled until I purchased it, easy to perform but right up theŕe now in my top effects .
I can do this really slowly and emphasise the effect to the spectator and it gets great reactions. Easy to do, but spend some time working with the props to get a natural handling.
Another great release from ALAKAZAM.
Richard Groom
This is awesome. The spectator is convinced they are making a free, random, choice, relying on their "feelings" or sixth sense or whatever. But thanks to a short but very clear DVD instruction, the performer is in complete control. Easy to do, extremely effective - a great illusion.
Darren Bane
I bought this purely on the basis the routines were by Leo and Peter Nardi and the download does explain some excellent ideas. However, the method is so simple I have come with some of my own within minutes.The bags are well made and fit superbly into a jacket pocket. The price represents fantastic value.There is an opportunity for comedy or a serious mentalism set.Leo explains how they can used for stage as well as close up. I love simple but clever ideas and this fits the bill. Is suitable for beginners. Recommended !
Steve Black
Fantastic trick. Very simple to do. Booktest thrown in as a bonus. Superb value. DVD well presented and well explained. Very happy with my purchase and can perform within 10 minutes of opening.
Alan Rogers
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