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Alakazam Academy FREE Lesson

Alakazam Academy FREE Lesson

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*Important Information 
Once purchased The way to view this video is to login to your Alakazam Account at the top of the home page where it says Customer Login. In the menu section click on the Alakazam online Academy Live button and this will take you through to the video which you can stream or download. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.
The Alakazam Academy has been teaching magicians great magic for over a year now and many students claim it's the best learning experience they have ever had!
Well now's your chance to experience it for FREE.  
John Carey's Zero To Hero was an Epic course and the course that launched the Alakazam Academy and even though since filming the Academy has upgraded all the camera and technical equipment the personal, fun and friendly feel of the Academy has not changed.
Our Core Tutor John Carey has kindly offered Lesson 1 from his Zero To Hero 2 course to everyone for FREE! 
You can watch and learn from this amazing lesson which runs for over 3 hours!!
If you have never joined up for an Academy course before just watch this 30 Sec how to video



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Customer Reviews


Such a good video. It is a must for those starting out in card magic, like me. The overhead camera shots really helped in explaining the effects. Now I have built my own mini routine with this. Five Stars!


Great Video, great demonstrations, and explanations on how too, excellent teaching, with each demo explained in detail, good camera angles, including overhead shots, very enjoyable to watch.

Neil Bird

This is a must for anyone wanting to start out in card magic. As the title suggests, from 'Zero' experience you can learn the basic handling and move on to master essential sleights that are the fundamentals of card magic. John carefully takes you through every step slowly and methodically - He must eat, sleep and breathe card magic, his knowledge and skill is amazing. It's a privilege to learn from him.


I really enjoyed the free course from John Carey. He is a wonderful teacher and i'm only half way through it and i have learned alot from him so far. I had no idea how good he was. No wonder he is back for more courses than anyone else. I just want to thank you for the free course Alakazam. Richard

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