Alakazam Vlog 1st March 2019 Lies All The Way, Dealing With It, McMiracles With Cards

Alakazam Vlog 1st March 2019 Lies All The Way, Dealing With It, McMiracles With Cards

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Join Andy and H on this weeks Vlog while they demonstrate items from Dealing With It Season 2 and McMiracles With Cards as well as John Carey's brand new effect Lies All The Way

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Customer Reviews

Doug Heath

Nice to have you back after a couple of weeks away. Still struggling to find the Vlogs on the website, they are just not all showing up. Once again nice to see performances from both of you rather than just trailers. Still waiting for a performance from H of Extreme Burn and thoughts on the plastic notes which I'm am struggling to use. I now use £20s but these will also be changing in the future.

Steve Black

Great Vlog guys. I know it was only briefly mentioned but I found Harry's comments really interesting and perhaps worth exploring further. I myself loved magic when young but then at University left it Due to health issues I left my academic career and renewed my passion in magic. I too have hit that wall when practice is no longer resulting in large improvement. It has been the Academies that focused my mind on mentalism. I have now stopped buying every new item concentrating on certain books/effects . Listening/watching/learning from all the Academy mentalists has given me so many ideas both in terms of routines and character development. I know Peter has said that he pursued other interests other before returning to magic. I think it is a fascinating discussion on why some leave but then return to what is a VERY rewarding art form. Well done guys !!!

Mark Call

Always so great seeing the two prospectives. Love the honesty of young H's journey in magic. A+++ Keep them coming guys - a true weekly highlight!

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