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Away With Words by Luke Jonas

Away With Words by Luke Jonas

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In this excellently written book, Luke goes into great detail to teach us how to take our performances and elevate them, taking simplistic ideas and turning them into seemingly genuine mind reading experiences, all using nothing more than the power of the written word.

If we really could read minds, this book shows us what it would look like.

Luke provides hard hitting, tried and tested routines to help create a meaningful and memorable Mentalism performance. Created with the audience in mind.

The book also contains a powerful essay on the art of missing within Mentalism as well as contributions from Ben Cardall and Wayne Goodman and the foreword has been written by Peter Nardi.

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Customer Reviews

Ash Marlow

Like has done it again, what a great guy he is! His work is highly intelligent and creative! I have both books of his and I would recommend them to anyone serious about mentalism!

Dane Valnes

A great book for any mentalist regardless of skill level. Luke’s thoughts on mentalism are different and refreshing. This book truly sets itself apart from run-of-the-mill mentalism.

Jon Mcmasters

brilliant book love the extra chapters by alternate creators, big names like this contributing to another authors work shows the level of the material the routines are great, easy to learn and hit spot on I especially love the mirror words which is so cool cannot wait for the next book thank you for selling this item

AJ Stouse

A must have book for mentalists! Luke shares so much powerful, entertaining, and practical mentalism. So much knowledge for you to keep in your arsenal!

David Whitney

I was very fortunate to read early iterations of this book - Luke very kindly asked me to proof read the book for him and give feedback on the structure. The main focus was clarity and demystifying what can appear on the surface quite complex methods - I believe Luke has achieved this. I also believe this is some of Luke's strongest work. For anyone who struggles with language or words, Luke has turned that fear some of us have into something empowering and the way he uses words to blow peoples minds is an absolute game changer to anyone who feels words are not for them. The book is extremely accessible. My particular favourite theory is the Hangman Reveal which I believe is worth the price of the book and could be a whole separate project. There are also some nice additions from Luke's magical network. I run a weekly zoom jam and have been doing so for a year and Luke has been there each step of the way sharing his incredible knowledge and also bringing in some fantastic speakers. He has made quite a name for himself as a creator, for some he might slip under the radar of big magic releases but don't miss this hidden gem. Keep a look out for more material in the future.

Paul Richardson

Wow! Luke’s new book gives you great tried and tested material and thought provoking essays to help you on your mentalism journey. Great, hard hitting stuff which makes this Luke’s best release to date.

Ollie Palmer

As an aspiring mentalist, I could not recommend this book enough. Luke has shown in his writing that being a successful mentalist and magician isn't just about showmanship and flair, but a fundamental understanding of the human psyche that is tantamount to a truly authentic experience as an audience member. The teachings found in this text, as well as the snippets contributed by fellow performers, can provide a foundation for any fellow aspiring mentalist/magician/performer to flourish and develop the skills to truly astonish. A fantastic read, a crucial read.

Scott Paton

Luke has worked very hard on this book and it shows. 7 effects are shared in the book and none of them are filler material. 3 effects for me stand out. Well done luke.

Jamie Daws

In mentalism, like with most magic, we put enthuses on the methods as opposed to the presentation. One of the most vital parts in the demonstration of mentalism is the way in which information in revealed. Seldom are there books exclusively exploring creative and entertaining ways to reveal things, until now! This is a superb exploration of mentalism performance with some brilliant and creative ideas on revelations! My personal favourite is "The Word That Never Was". Such a clever idea and something i'll be exploring further!!!

Andy Chase

Another amazing book from Luke Jonas!! So many great effects. This is very well written with clear instructions. You will be ready to perform these strong pieces of magic straight away. Looking forward to his next book!

Ollie Mealing

Thoroughly enjoyed this. If you're looking for novel reveals, you'll definitely find inspiration here.

Scott Olgard

What an awesome book. Obviously I should be biased given that Luke is a close friend, but even without that, this is right up my alley. I love wordplay, and language is such an intriguing way to elevate a performance - in this book you will learn some fantastically clever ways to incorporate ideas into your existing performances as well as stand alone pieces that will take your mentalism to the next level. I have been fooled by a lot of these effects, sometimes multiple times!

Wayne Goodman

I was both lucky enough to get a preview copy and honored to have Luke as me to add a chapter to the book. Luke is a brilliant magical thinker and his ideas are not only beautiful and carefully explained in detail but also real world workers that will fit into many styles of performer. if you are a serious mentalist or just want to add some mentalism to your show then this is a great book to look at and learn from.

Jack Callender

This book is amazing and has some great new ideas and this book will give you some amazing effects couldn’t recommend any more

Mystic Slybaba

Luke Jonas has done it again. Away with words is an evolution in mentalism using word play. This book introduces a lot of new concepts in mentalism. If you want to add some powerful magic to you presentations everyone knows mentalism is going to have a huge impact. Luke Jonas has offered so truly entertaining as well as mind boggling effects in this book. I will be adding a few of these effects to my show. I highly recommend this book.

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