The Evolution of a Classic of Magic

June 21st, 2013

There has been a hive of activity at Alakazam HQ. The whole team has been working together to ensure that whats hot and new in the world of magic is brought to our customers as well as working towards new releases of our own that we can bring to the magic market.

A great way of keeping up to date with the newest releases as well as new additions to the Alakazam range is by adding the free Alakazam shopping app to your smart phone via Google Play or the iPhone app store. Push notifications are regulary sent out from Alakazam HQ featuring new releases, hot news, up and coming pre-orders and special competitions, so this is the quickest way of making sure you are the first to know whats happening at Alakazam. Of course by also subscribing to our newsletter, you can receive theses updates before everyone else!!!

The latest push notification and newsletter featured exciting news that Peter Nardi has finally released his cherished effect STC – Sharpie Thru Card. This is a real world, commercial effect that Peter has kept to himself for quite a while and that he has decided to release to the magic community. A classic of magic has been given the Nardi Touch elevating it to a more commercially viable performance piece that can now be yours. Because Peter has been performing this professionally for the last couple of years, he has discovered all of the subtleties and nuances that only performing in the real world can reveal. Peters handling is described in full on the DVD that comes with this effect aswell as custom engineered handmade gimmicks made by the maestro of card gimmicks, Rob Bromley. This is an effect that EVERY magician should have in their reportiore and has the highest recommendation, so check out the trailer today at our website.

Remember there are other great releases to look out for over the coming months, including more great effects from Peter. Now is the time to sign up to our newsletter and/or download the free shopping app to your smart phone and be the first to hear all our great news. Remember if you have any questions you wish to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us via email, or by calling us instore on 01233 637888 and also check out our lastest Vlog featuring Dave Loosley

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A Lot of Talk about Lotto!

April 26th, 2013

‘Details make for perfection, but perfection itself is no detail’.

This was a favourite quote of The Professor, Dai Vernon and is an interesting one to bear in mind when thinking about the magic you perform and the affects you buy and work on. As a magic dealer it is also a quote that has a major influence on the way that we approach new effects to release and manufacturer or buy in for our customers.

As a team of magicians with a huge amount of experience in all aspects of magic, we consciously make an effort to look at, tinker with and road test as much of the material that graces our shelves as we can. When Nicholas Einhorn’s superb Nest of Wallets was first released it was not long before each of us here owned a copy and was performing it as part of our regular magic set. It therefore came as no surprise to us, as magicians that are constantly thinking about magic, when we were approached by John Morton with the idea for the Deluxe Envelopes, as this was obviously someone that had thought hard about adding an extra dimension and detail to this effect. Available in red, black and now the windowed versions in both colours, these envelopes can add an extra level to an already fantastic product.

Another item that has been creating quite a buzz in Alakazam HQ is our soon to be released Lotto Square by Leo Smetsers. The use of a magic square by magicians has been around a long time but is seldom used or seen in close up as there has never really been any really entertaining routines done at close quarters. We can tell you first hand that Lotto Square overcomes this with a multitude of different ideas that are very entertaining and that are suited for close up work. Leo is a perfectionist ( make sure to also check out the hand crafted tables he makes ), and the above quote is surely one that would aptly fit our friend from the Netherlands. Everything has been routine and discussed thoroughly with ideas for magicians of all skill levels. This comes highly recommended and is another example of an effect that requires very little work but is a strong and entertaining close up worker.

We are pleased to announce that Alakazam has also recently become the exclusive UK dealer for our good friend Mark Mason with his effects Xact and Fully Loaded becoming the newest additions to our extensive Alakazam catalogue. Words could not do them justice, sufficed to say that they are typical Mark Mason gems that pack a punch and should find favour with magicians everywhere and by clicking the links above you too can see why!!!

And finally…..

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And remember, if you want to place an order or find out some more information  before you buy we can always be reached via phone on 01233 637888, by email or via our Live Help, where we would be happy to help.


p.s Don’t forget to catch our good friend Ben Earl in ‘ Ben Earl – Trick Artist ‘ on Channel 4 at 9.00pm, Friday 26th April


March 11th, 2013

Blackpool has now been and gone and Alakazam HQ is now getting back to normal.  The organisers of the convention put on the best convention every single year!  Whatever you are in to there truly is something for everyone.

The Alakazam stand seemed the busiest and most popular of the weekend, with all of our new releases being talked about all over the convention. Paramount amongst these was the debut DVD release ‘Inscrutable’ by Joe Barry. Joe created a real buzz during the convention with his superb material, approachable manner and genuine enthusiasm to share his ideas with those that wanted to chat. The likes of Michael Weber and Daniel Madison were raving about Joe’s effects including how practical they were and how deceptive. We are really excited about what else he has in store for the magic world and are eagerly anticipating his next release which we are sure will be another winner.

Speaking of winners, another big hit of the convention was Paul Nardini’s Ghost Pad. It has a clever method which is unbelievable, is easy to do and can be picked up within a short time of using it and is a tool that every magician should have in their arsenal. The Ghost Pad is truly a thing of beauty and is destined to become a classic prop used by magicians and Mentalists everywhere. Also available now are the reload packs for The Ghost. Click here for more details.

We have had a few new additions at Alakazam HQ recently. Alakazam Magic are pleased to announce The Deluxe Envelopes in red or black by John Morton. We have secured the exclusive rights to supply these fantastic handmade envelopes that will bring your Nest of Wallets routine to the next level. Each pack comes complete with 25 envelopes, which have been custom designed to fit into Nick Einhorn’s Deluxe Nest of Wallets for an incredible climax to this great piece of close up magic. Also to have arrived is Linkey, an any time you will be able to take your house key and visually link it to a rubber band. Both can be inspected before and after the magic happens. You can even take this super simple gimmick and link it to a borrowed necklace without losing any of the visual impact. Lastly we have D.S.T and it looks like Luke Dancy and David Regal have joined forces once again to present some of the most eye-popping, astonishing card magic ever developed.

Of course if you would like to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest in the world of magic, check out our easy to use website here. Make sure you also check out our amazing VLOG (video blog) with Dave Loosley for a personal look at the latest and greatest of what’s coming through our doors on a week to week basis. Remember if you want any further information on our products or services, why not contact us via email or by giving us a call on 01233 637888.

Exciting Releases at Blackpool

February 19th, 2013

Blackpool Magicians Convention is nearly upon us and everyone at Alakazam HQ is really excited about the fantastic new releases we have in store for this prestigious convention, the biggest in the world.

Watch out for The Oasis Book Test by Clint Barron, an easy to do book test that takes very little time and effort to learn but that gives the strong impression of real mind reading. At last this is a book test that does not rely on you carrying lots of bulky props around with you, and yet you can still perform some fantastic Mentalism.  This is truly a commercial product that would fit in well in the working repertoire of any serious performer.

For the card workers amongst you ( and for those that don’t think they are! ), we have the debut DVD by Joe Barry, Inscrutable. This is an outstanding collection of powerful card magic that relies more on subtlety, misdirection and psychology rather than complicated sleight of hand. Don’t worry, there are some new moves and variations on sleights for those who want to try their hand at something a little more challenging, but all explained in a clear way that will make them well within the reach of anyone from beginner through to more experienced. If you are serious about card magic this is one DVD collection that every serious student of magic should own and come highly recommended.

Once in a while there are whispers of a product that truly creates a stir within the magic world. Such is the case with the eagerly anticipated Ghost Pad by Paul Nardini. Never before has something such as this been seen within the magic fraternity. Your spectator is handed a single Business card and a pen. They draw any image on the card and seal it into an envelope. They keep hold of the envelope at all times.  You now start to read their mind and duplicate the drawing!  Points to note are that they do not lean on anything while drawing and at no point do you look at the face of the card, yet you can still duplicate the drawing with frightening accuracy!

Designed to be suitable for close up and walkabout situations as well as stage, parlour or Pre Show performances. It has taken Paul Nardini over 2 years of research and prototyping to create the Ghost Pad and it’s truly a thing of beauty. Each Ghost Pad is crafted to Paul Nardini’s exact specifications by Alakazam Magic and Tony Curtis resulting in one of the finest, most ingenious drawing duplication systems ever.

The Ghost Pad uses a method that is as ingenious as the effect itself!

Here’s What The Professionals Are Saying About The Ghost;

“Some pads in mentalist, are clever, practical, and some even raise the bar, Ghost has not only done all of it, it has exceeded my expectations. The BEST pad ever made, you may think you know, but you have no clue… believe the hype, TRUST ME on this” – Andrew Gerard

“The Ghost is THE final answer in peek devices. It f*^#!d my brain and should be illegal!”- Titanas

“WOW…I am speechless!!
A VERY devilish method, absolutely clean and COMPLETELY different from any impression device out there!
I was really shocked to see the method at work…Genius!” Luca Volpe

We hope that those of you that are attending the Blackpool Convention come and visit the stand to say hello. Joe Barry, Clint Barron, Dave Loosley and the fabulous Wayne Goodman will all be making appearances at some point over the weekend on the Alakazam stand to showcase their magic, so stop by and be astounded with the best magic currently about.

Remember the shop will also be open during the convention to take orders which can be made through our website or by calling us on 01233 637888. We look forward to meeting you at the convention if you are attending, and speaking to you on the phone or via email if you are not, and thank you for your support of Alakazam Magic.

Look out Blackpool, here we come!!!

February 11th, 2013

It’s that time of year again when things at Alakazam HQ get really crazy.  We’re all running about finalising great new product releases in time for the Blackpool convention. The Blackpool Magic Convention happens every year in February and is the largest Magic Convention in the world.  If you are in to your magic then this truly is the place to be.  It’s a jam packed weekend of lectures and shows and the best bit in my opinion is the dealers’ hall.  The Blackpool convention has the biggest dealers’ hall you will ever see. With companies, dealers and creators selling their wares, for many dealers this is the place we showcase our new products.  

It’s an exciting time for us meeting a lot of our customers who we usually only talk to over the phone or know your names from your online orders.  So if you’re going please pop by the stand and say hello!

The stand will be manned by the usual crew Jenny, Peter, Mark and Moz plus a few special guests. Andy and Clare will be taking care of things here at Alakazam HQ, so if you’re not attending you can feel safe in the knowledge your orders will be shipped in our usual fast and efficient way!  

Peter’s Always On A Mission

Peter always has a few jobs to take care of at the convention.  Meeting with our suppliers (this ensures we always get our stock promptly and at the best price to pass on to you) and meeting with creators.  Alakazam Magic are always looking for the next great effect to add to our line of incredible magic, so if you have an idea come to the stand and have a chat with Peter.  You never know you’re name maybe on our next big release!!

Special Guests

You never know who you’re going to see behind the Alakazam stand. In the past we’ve had some great names including Andy Nyman, Michael Vincent, John Archer, Luke Jermay, Ben Earl, Mathew J Dowden, Wayne Goodman and the list goes on.  This year Joe Barry will be jumping behind the stand demonstrating  some of the effects from his incredible new DVD set (and I’m sure he’ll even sign a copy or two) , Dave Loosley (host of the Vlog) will be there and I’m sure our good friend Wayne Goodman will be there Looking Sharp!  

For more up to date information on what’s hot and happening at Alakazam Head Quarters, why not follow us on Twitter, Facebook or by subscribing to our newsletter and Alakazam VLOG. Facebook updates will appear regularly to keep you bang up to date with all that’s new and great in the world of Alakazam Magic.

Hot Weather, Hot Magic

July 25th, 2012


F.I.S.M has now been and gone and the weather has made a significant change for the better, and long may it continue. Whilst at F.I.S.M Peter and the Alakazam team managed to make lots of new contacts and come back with some hot new products. One of our best new sellers has been Exact Change by Greg Wilson. If you are looking for an effect that you can carry on you and perform at a moment’s notice, then you would have to go a long way to beat this great effect. The performer asks a spectator to name an amount of change and you can immediately reach in to your pocket, come out with a clenched fist, and have that exact amount of change that matches what your spectator names! This is about as straight forward and direct as you can get for an effect and one that is quick to reset and takes little work to perform. As well as receiving the necessary something to do the effect, it also comes with a great DVD jam packed with ideas on routining and performance staring Greg Wilson himself. Peter took one of the first batch away with him and has performed it numerous times. It has fast become one of him favourite close-up/go to miracles that he is now performing all the time. Due to its popularity we are taking pre-orders for the next batch of Exact Change. We do not have a date for delivery as yet, but stock is going fast. You can pre-order your today by going on line to or giving us a call on 01233 637888.

I am a big fan of all things card magic related and there have been quite a few DVD releases recently that have caught my eye. If you like flourishes and visually stimulating card magic then it is a must that you check out Solo, Pure and Rapture by Theory 11. Solo and Pure contain card magic ideal for card flourish lovers of all skill sets whilst Rapture offers a breath-taking new slant on the vanishing card box plot that looks like camera trickery. Also to hit the shelves are two new releases by RSVP. Carey On is John Carey’s third instalment of commercial and practical card magic that is a fitting conclusion(?) to the trilogy of DVD’s recently released that showcase his talents. I am a big fan of Johns magic and I am sure that many of his ideas and effects will find favour with a lot of performers who appreciate good magic.

The second DVD is Let’s Go Dutch featuring my friend Fritz Alkemade. I was introduced to Fritz at the Session Convention a few years back and I have to say that this DVD does not disappoint. The effects are strong, the presentations and performances are great and truly showcase a talented performer working in real performance situations. The first routine Boxing Day is a lesson in itself on audience management, timing and attention control and is a fitting routine to start a DVD containing some superb magic. I look forward to any new projects that Fritz may have planned for the future.

Remember orders can be placed with us and any questions answered, by calling 01233 637888 or by visiting our online shop at

Magical Wishes


DVD Delights

June 21st, 2012

I had the pleasure recently of taking three new DVD’s, The Inception, Total Ambition and Chardshark to see what they were like and review them. The first to enter my DVD player was Chardshark, by Daniel Chard and produced by RSVP. This is an outstanding introduction to Daniels’ magic with playing cards. The performances are entertaining, the instructional side clear and informative and there was no brashness or bigheadedness of any kind from someone that quite obviously knows his way around a deck of cards. Russ Stevens introduced me to Daniel at this years’ Session Convention, so I can testify to the power and practicality (don’t confuse this with how difficult or easy the method is) of these routines. There is something on here for everyone and everything you need to be able to perform the effects is explained (although there is also a section dedicated to more in depth explanations of some sleights), so I would highly recommend this DVD to anyone wishing to learn strong card magic.

After a brief excursion to the goodie draw to secure supplies, I turned my attentions to The Inception by Chris Randall. I had heard lots of good feedback about this DVD and was interested to see what garnered so much interest. Initially, and after watching the DVD, I was sceptical about what exactly the fuss was about, but on the recommendation of my good friend Mike Davis (who has now adopted this routine in to his professional close up work) and upon watching the DVD again, I can honestly say that this contains useful, practical and sound advice that has been honed by someone that has put in the time to think about the structure of the routine and the important elements that make the effect more magical and more impossible. You may find nothing outstanding in method, but you will find little nuggets of advice that make this effect special and a joy to perform. This is great DVD and one that I am thankful my good friend Mike advised me to watch again.

And finally I watched Total Ambition (having been suitably nourished by my bag of Dorito’s!). For someone that has been in magic as long as I have, it is sometimes difficult not assume how something works and also not to dismiss an effect just purely because it’s “not your cup of tea”. The cleverness and thinking behind the method and handling of Total Ambition made me smile from ear to ear and made me realise that I too can still be fooled and at the same time amazed by an effect such as this. This is well taught by Wayne Fox (also evidenced by the clear instructions given in his other new releases) and gives performances in the real world, with real reactions. The gimmick is easy to use and handle and there are several different handlings discussed on the DVD to suit different situations. The visual appearance of a card on top of the deck in an Ambitious Card sequence has always been strong. This is certainly one of the strongest, easiest and amongst the most magical. I recommend ordering one quickly though, Wayne’s products have been flying out of the door and I don’t know how long stocks will last!!!

I would heartily recommend any of the above DVD’s and have started to include a few of the ideas in them in my own work. If you have any questions relating to anything I have discussed remember any questions can be answered by calling 01233 637888 or by emailing us by clicking here.

Magical Wishes


The Road to F.I.S.M

June 14th, 2012

F.I.S.M, the world’s most prestigious magic convention will soon be upon us in Blackpool and the team at Alakazam are proud to be attending with some fantastic new releases, including effects by Wayne Dobson and Peter Nardi, which we are all very excited about.

Wayne’s Exchange beautifully showcases Wayne Dobson’s approach to entertaining and commercial comedy magic that is easy to do and yet fun to perform. Having road tested the routine at several paid engagements; I honestly believe that this is an effect that should be added to anyone who is serious about performing strong comedy magic. This is ideal for stage, parlour, cruise ships and can even be adapted to working in more intimate settings. One thing is for sure, no matter what medium you chose to perform it in, your audience will be glad you did! This, I am sure, will be a hit at F.I.S.M ( pre-orders are being taken now and they are selling fast! ) and the one that I’m sure everyone will be talking about.

Also available to pre-order is Peter’s outstanding new effect Random. A shuffled deck of cards is displayed and the spectators given half of the deck to use during the experiment. Your spectator makes numerous “Random” choices and yet you clearly and unbelievably predict their actions every step of the wayit’s that direct!

This brand new piece of Mentalism, from Peter Nardi, one of magic’s most creative minds, is simple to do, direct in plot and is destined to be a close up magician’s and Mentalists dream.  I have seen Peter perform this to devastating effect on customers visiting Alakazam HQ and it never fails to amaze. Random looks like real mind reading and your audience will be convinced that no matter what their choices, you can predict them in advance every single time.

I am sure that we will see many of you in Blackpool at F.I.S.M, so please come over and visit the stand to take a look at all that is new from Alakazam. Remember orders can be placed with us by calling 01233 637888 or by visiting our online shop. You can also email us by clicking here

Magical Wishes,


Summer Magic Coming Soon

June 21st, 2011

With the new series of PENN & TELLER: FOOL US just beginning here in the UK on ITV1 there is going to be a lot of fuss about magic in the public domain – so make sure your act is up to date by visiting for all the very latest releases and magical-must-haves this season.

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Alakazam Magic Official Wholesale Information for Magic Dealers:

June 15th, 2011

Alakazam Magic Official Wholesale Information for Magic Dealers:

There are some major changes going on with Alakazam wholesale.  Alakazam Magic are no longer exclusive with any distributor.  Which means you can purchase our items from your favourite distributor (just call them to check they have it in stock) or set up a wholesale account with Alakazam Direct!

What changes are we making and how will it help you?

One thing that has really bothered us recently is the fact that as dealers we are asked to pre-sell items without having any idea when they will be coming in to stock.  At Alakazam we do encourage you to pre-sell our products but we will give you an official release date which 99% of the time we will be able to stick to (unless there is a major spanner in the works)

All our products come with great packaging, DVD Instructions and we are implementing QR codes on the back of our boxes.

What is a QR code?

Well if your customer has a free QR reader on their smart phone they can scan the back of the box and watch the trailer!!  The QR code is pure genius and will defiantly help your in store sales!

Alakazam a brand you can rely on.

At Alakazam we only release effects that are proven to work in the real world.  Our products are neither pipe dreams nor YouTube only tricks.  They are effects you can demo in store and be confident with.  In this day and age there is nothing worse than a customer that is unhappy or feels mislead by his purchase.

Alakazam do not over hype tricks and we do not make false claims.  We make sure every product is top notch in quality.  This starts at the trick, The Instructional DVD & last but now least the packaging.  We go to great lengths to ensure our products are great quality. In fact the best quality we can make them!

With all this in mind why not become an official Alakazam dealer.  Put the badge above on your site and start selling magic you can be proud off!!

It’s time for you to start carrying one of the biggest and best lines in magic. Alakazam is known the world over for releasing only the best in magic. So make sure your store is known for selling only the best in magic!!!

To set up an account with Alakazam just register on our site and send us an email with your user name.  Please put wholesale activation as your subject and we will handle the rest!