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Boris Wild Two Day Academy Instant Download

Boris Wild Two Day Academy Instant Download

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Juan Tamariz, The Maestro of Magic (Madrid)


"Boris is a great artist with many original ideas... Refreshing, charming and inspirational!"

Jeff McBride, International performer extraordinaire (Las Vegas)

Boris Wild is an international magician, author and lecturer based in Paris. He is one of the most renowned French magicians in the world. His creativity and original approach of magic allow him to perform in the most prestigious places of the five continents such as "The Magic Castle" in Hollywood where he has already performed more than 200 shows. 

He is a French Champion of Magic and a Grand Prix Winner at the FFAP French Championships. He is a Monte Carlo Magic Stars Award Winner and a FISM Winner in card magic. 

He has appeared on many French and international TV shows including "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" (five appearances), "Magic Show at the Lido”, "Magic Night at the Paradis Latin”, "Champions of Magic” (USA), "International Close-up Show” (China) and "Magic Castle 2018” (Japan).

He has been featured in the photo exhibition "The World’s Greatest Magicians" at FISM in Stockholm.


He has been the Guest of Honor and MVP Award recipient at the FFFF Convention, the most prestigious gathering of close-up magicians in the world.


Join us for Boris’ first Alakazam Online Academy where you will witness firsthand the strength and impact of the effects and routines that has made his name synonymous with quality magic worldwide. You will learn original material and approaches that are certainly off the beaten track and that will elevate all of the magic you perform to truly another level. This is NOT to be missed!


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Customer Reviews

Brian Stewart

What a brilliant Academy course. Most magicians have a marked deck or two and struggle to realise their full potential - well not any more - day one will sort you out. Day two is different but just as good. Boris is great at giving really clear explanations which makes it so much easier to learn. Great Academy well done Boris and all the whole team at Alakazam.

Anthony H Wighton

Well I have come in half way through the first night so have missed the performances (will catch up later!), BUT the information gained on the marked deck has been worth the cost of the course already! This is Boris Wild... buy it, enough said!

Mike Devine

This is my first Academy, and while I thought at first it was maybe going a bit slow, the effects were tremendous. The explanations Boris gave regarding his marking system was extremely enlightening. I loved watching Dave's face as Boris correctly extricated the named cards. Truly a value for money Academy and still the trick explanations and tomorrow night to go. Fantastic.

Phill Evans

First half of day 1 was absolutely phenomenal. An absolute master class with so much information. A lot of it based around the BW deck but a lot of the thinking you could apply to other decks too. Brilliant.

Mark Call

Okay I am only 3 effects and 38 minutes in and can tell you I have TWICE the value of this Academy! Absolutely BRILLIANT yet simple MIND-BLOWING effects taught here!! Thanks, Alakazam for bringing Boris to the ACADEMY - he is just so FUN to watch too!

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