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Candy Ghost by Magic Dream

Candy Ghost by Magic Dream

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Here is Candy GHOST , the latest creation from Andrew and André Previato, 2 very creative Brazilian magicians. A visual revelation that will adapt to all your needs: close-up, mentalism, street magic and even social networks!

The magician has the spectator choose a card, and then presents a box of world famous candies: Tic Tac®. He takes one in his mouth then blows into the box; the condensation formed by his breath reveals the chosen card! It’s ultra-visual, stunning and very easy to do. The reset is quick and the box can be used to hold candy like a normal box.

Very visual

Easy to do

Perfect for street magic

Adaptable to any box of Tic Tac (of the same size)

Instant reset

Daily object

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Customer Reviews

Steve Dela

I love this… I’ve always like the ghost glass effect but now we have a reason for breathing into it. It’s simple but the reactions are great! Also… the actual gimmick is glass (which is inside the box) this means it should last forever. Really impressed… I’ll be buying a spare. Something to note… despite it saying this is the 5 of Hearts version… mine was a different card.

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