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Save And Spend

We are excited to introduce Alakazam’s Save and Spend, a super easy way to spread the cost of your magic.

We all like buying the latest and greatest new magic effects, but sometimes it's just out of our current budget or arrives at the wrong time. With Save and Spend you can now spread the cost of your magic by depositing as much or as little as you like into your Alakazam Save and Spend account on a weekly, monthly or whenever-you-like basis.


It's like a Christmas Club for the best magic in the world and it’s available to you all year round!


So how does it work?

Our Save and Spend service is easy to use and you are in complete control of how much you save.


You can purchase Save and Spend vouchers whenever you like, once purchased they will be automatically stored in the "My Vouchers” section of your Alakazam account, ready and waiting for you to activate and spend.


Imagine if you put just £10 away per month, that would give you a massive £120 to spendon magic every year! Obviously you can put away as much or as little at you like, when you like.


If we told you you'll get interest, would that get your interest?

Whenever you purchase a voucher, we will top up your account with points valuing 5% of your purchase.


Save £100 you will receive £5 worth of extra points courtesy of Alakazam’s Save and Spend (that's better than keeping your magic money in the bank).


*please note once a voucher has been purchased it will not be refundable, it can not be used to purchase further vouchers or have no monetary value and can only be used to purchase items from Alakazam Magic Limited,

**Important you may not purchase Spend and Save vouchers with Loyalty Points or other Spend And Save Vouchers or Instant Gift Vouchers. Any orders that are placed like this will be cancelled.

**Minimum voucher value £5