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Celebratory Triumph by Wayne Goodman Instant Download

Celebratory Triumph by Wayne Goodman Instant Download
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Imagine being able to announce a birthday or a celebration through a card trick. Imagine you can present an amazing effect that reveals the item the spectator chose in a way no one saw coming. Imagine a new concept in triumph routines that means you can make your presentation personal to the client. Now realize that Celebratory Triumph delivers so much more, and is limited only by your imagination.


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Customer Reviews

David Hand

Wayne demonstrated this on a recent lecture to our Circle and I knew this would immediately go into my close up routines. Ideal to adapt to specific occasions and a real worker. Great thinking from a great magician.

Scott Paton

Very commercial effect. Great for any special occasions. Easy to do but powerful effect. Well done Wayne

Luke Jonas

This is a really nice concept and has so many possibilities! it has that real element of surprise for your spectators. A real reputation maker.

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