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Contactless By Peter and Harry Nardi

Contactless By Peter and Harry Nardi

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Contactless By Peter & Harry Nardi

"This is one of most organic version of this method that I have ever seen! Trust me, you will never leave home without it!”
Luca Volpe

"Contactless is a direct and versatile effect. Versatile enough to be used as a straightforward prediction, influence or my favourite, in conjunction with a psychic reading, yes it’s possible.

A great opener casual performance piece that’s so small and dare I say ‘natural/organic’ you have no excuse not to carry it with you at all times"

Mick Wilson


"Contactless is a great modern twist on a classic piece of Mentalism. I will carry this with me all the time, always ready to get great reactions with a first class piece of psychological magic"

Michael J Fitch

When creating contactless we wanted an effect that would become part of your natural everyday carry.

With Contactless we have taken a classic mentalism principle and bought it bang up to date. There are no strange props to carry and it looks and feels totally impromptu

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Contactless is the perfect carry everywhere item!

We designed contactless to work with your own cards to make this effect totally natural. With contactless you receive the custom leather wallet and all the other bits to make this great effect blow minds!

Contactless is super easy to do and we promise you will not leave home without it!
Full video tutorial included.

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Customer Reviews

Yoosik Ethan Oum

This is a great impromptu idea that you will always have with you, because you would never leave home without your wallet, right? I would’ve preferred it if they supplied more extra stickers. But otherwise , great idea, great product.

Tony Walker

Love this product. This is one that I will now carry everywhere. So simple yet so powerful. Will definitely leave your victims bewildered.


All I can say is wow . A great little trick that is ready to go anytime anywhere, if you are out having a meal or out with friends and someone says can you show a trick you can instantly go in to a full routine and everything is there, no set up always ready to perform. The wallet is made from great leather, the bonus routine is also clever I was so pleased I purchased 2 more for Xmas presents. Great prop, Great price, as always from Alakazam

Dan Mullen

I was expecting the wallet to be high quality but I was surprised at just how nice it is. This is a good-looking, real leather, very thin, practical wallet. Use it as an everyday wallet and you'll always be ready to go with a simple but effective direct piece of mentalism. Lots of scope to play with the presentation and really tailor this to your individual style. Top marks for the first joint creation by Peter and H!

Andy Cooper

Does exactly what is says on the’ll carry it everywhere, and be ready to amaze people anytime with seemingly no props. A perfect way to respond to requests to ‘show us some magic’! The method is a classic which many will recognise but certain aspects of the routine have been added and are very clever - great thinking from H and Peter.

Roy Smith

Amazing high quality product that you could easily want to use without the magic effect. Will be with you all the time allowing you to perform some fun and very effective mentalism, anywhere and anytime. Always ready to go. If it is your style can be used to win as many bets and beer you want.

Jason Cunningham

An out of the box miracle... Leaves you so free just to concentrate on your delivery... Absolute, carry at all times gem... Great first collaboration release by Harry and Peter... I’m excited to see the creations to follow .. Jay.

Tom Rolfe

Routines and props are top quality. You can have lots of fun performing this trick.

Burt Ebel

This is a good effect. No, it is a great effect. This one won’t sit in the draw. You will carry it. You will perform it. The wallet is quality leather, and it doesn’t look like a prop. For the price you just can’t go wrong. If you like what you see on the trailer this is for you. It is that clean and the possibilities are many.

Sandy Wilson

Some of the best mental magic uses simple, direct methods to enable you to focus on your presentation. What you get here isn't new - in fact it's as old as the hills, however it's brought bang up to date with the lovely minimalistic Contactless wallet. The effect is highly practical, and almost completely customisable, guaranteeing that you will never need to leave home without it. The instructional video is as detailed as it needs to be, and the additional routine from Jamie Daws is fantastic. Used on its own, or combined with a hotel room key card to lead into Executive Suite or one of the many credit card gimmicks on the market, this is an ideal opener or impromptu effect.

Philip Macleod

This is a great prop. the leather is fantastic quality it looks and smells amazing even before you perform. Whilst the method is old, its a great way of presenting it. its also super versatile using what you already carry. Mick Wilson and Jamie Daws have different routines and handlings. For the price it looks great, performs great and is fun to perform. whats not to like about that !!

Sean Mann

To me this is the perfect opener for your mentalism set. Compact and practical enough to keep on you all the time. It uses one of my favourite principles in mentalism and gives you a lot of room to create some personal stories and connections with your audience. The quality of the props you will receive are top notch. My highest recommendation.

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