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Welcome to lesson one on this amazing 3 lesson journey. Lesson one is ideal for anyone who does little, basic or even no coin magic whatsoever.  Just take a look at what Craig is planning to cover on the evening. Grab your ticket today and take advantage of the special early bird pricing!  
Coin Magic Academy 1

Thumb Palm
Finger Palm
Classic Palm

French Drop
Finger Palm Vanish
Slide Vanish

Gadabout Coins Remix
The classic three coin trick with a twist

Steel Balls and Silver
Like Gadabout Coins but with steel balls and an ending nobody will see coming

A Transpo routine between a coin and a sponge ball. To finish you fuse the ball and the coin together 

Box Clever
A super commercial three phase routine using a German box which ends with all your props vanishing

Pure Coins Across
Craig’s favourite coins across with no extras and no gimmicks

Triple Split
An easy three coin appearance and vanish sequence using one coin

Purple and Green Transpo
The best two coin transpo routine you will ever see. And it’s super commercial 

Kickback Matrix
An easy reverse matrix using no extras and no gimmicks with a kickback they never see coming. 

Any Coin Called For
A coins across routine with three different coins. And the audience decides the order in which the coins travel across

ESP Coin
A version of the medallion using a coin and a glass. It’s almost self working. 

A coin prints itself into the image a spectator is merely thinking of

Coins To Mug
A Coins Across Routine using a mug and four regular coins.
*Even though we aim to cover every item listed above due to fact this is a live event the date and or contents may vary 

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Customer Reviews

David Thompson

Well here goes. What a fantastic interesting introduction to coin magic that was I learned so much, Craig certainly knows how to put on a show. His teaching style is so relaxed interesting and concise and what a performer he is two. The hours just flew by and that was only the first of three WoW!!! I would also like to thank Alakazam for putting on the show.

Sandy Wilson

This is a fantastic introduction to coin magic. You will learn a few essential sleights, each of which is taught clearly, and a whole host of well thought out routines to use them with to consolidate your learning. It’s very clear that Craig has put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into what moves and tricks to teach, and Craig explains his justifications for every move he makes. It’s very clear from the course just how passionate he is about the subject, and this shines throughout. There is a great deal of variety in the routines, which use an array of different objects, not just coins. Craig’s version of Koran’s Medallion is pure genius, and worth the cost of the download alone. I for one won’t be hesitating to sign up for the second and third parts of the course. Highly, highly recommended.


Excellent material, even for those who are well beyond beginners! Craig's thinking and application of gimmicks you may have is very creative. Well worth the money and time - over 3 hrs of instruction!!! Thank you, Craig, for sharing your material.

Warren Tredaway

An excellent lecture by an excellent magician, if your wanting to learn coin magic you can't get much better than Craig Petty.........Definitely recommended.

Terry Morgan

Craig is a great Performer and Teacher. This is one of the best online courses I have taken. The material was well organized and clearly presented. (I was a School Teacher for almost 40 years so I know a great Teacher when I see one.) The sleights were clearly explained using different camera angles. Any one of the Routines Craig taught were worth the cost of the Academy alone. I can wait for Parts 2 and 3! In the meantime I have a lot of new things to practice!

Carl Langley

An absolutely fantastic academy, I cannot express how brilliant it is. Superb value for money, I've come away confident that I will be able to perform and strengthen my coin magic from being a complete novice. Totally engaged throughout, concise instruction, really chuffed to have been on it. Will certainly be booking the next ones, really cannot wait to see what is instore. Massive thanks to Craig Petty and the Alakazam team on another amazing academy.

Ian Schollar

Fantastic evening. Craig has given so much tonight; coins, sponge balls, mentalism amazing. Already got tons of ideas to add into my parlour routines. Everything explained so clearly as well, great teacher. Thanks so much Craig and can't wait until Lessons 2 & 3.

David Hand

What an amazing night of coin magic from Craig, Detailed explanations of coin moves, vanishes etc and this is just lesson one. Loads of information, to take in and really helpful that this is available again to watch. The 3 and half hours was just totally brilliant.Thanks to all. Should be 5 star plus.

William McGregor

If you are wanting to learn some coin magic this is the one for you. great values for money. You can even learn Craigs 3 ball routine using his coin moves.

Alexander Ross

Thank you - This Academy by Craig was so good and so well taught. I will start practicing as soon as I can and intend to find out when the next ones are available, Now I feel as if I will be able to do some really great coin magic. It was worth every Penny (Pun intended) :-)

Darren Bane

It's no secret that Craig is passionate about coin magic, and it clearly shows in this awesome academy. A solid three-and-a-half hours or so of top quality tuition - from essential moves, which are very clearly taught, to some excellent effects. If you weren't interested in coin magic before, I'd put my money on you being converted after watching this. Superb value for money. Can't wait for courses 2 and 3.

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