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Deceased The Return By Jamie Daws

Deceased The Return By Jamie Daws

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5 years ago, we introduced you to the unsettling story of the Tenterden murders. 10 people who sat down to dinner but only 2 survived… the murderers.

Since then, a new case has come to light which is eerily similar to that of the Tenterden Murders. They were reported as ‘The Cannibal Couple’ and using a poison that rendered their victims incapacitated, they would slice off their victims limbs whilst they were still living and feast on the flesh of the innocent.

This is a BRAND new method for this classic dark effect that allows the performer to be completely HANDS OFF!

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Customer Reviews

Horst M. Paffen

I watched the trailer twice and I appreciate that it is honest, which is often not the case. Now we are dealing with an intelligent trick secret and that is a serious problem for sales because someone with a lot of experience often recognises the modus operandi in such tricks - as was the case this time. There is no question in my mind that the trick is as amazing in effect as it is entertaining. But such an exorbitant price for such a trick? That remains an unsolvable trick mystery for me. It is a really good small packet trick, but nothing more. One star deduction because of the price-performance ratio.

Darren Bane

If you don't own the original Deceased, buy this. You'll love it. If you DO own the original Deceased (and I do), buy this. You'll love it. Is it worth buying if you already have it? In my opinion, yes. Making the 'photos' pro-size makes them look more authentic, making them even more convincing. Add to that Jamie's revised, and improved, handling, and it's a no brainer. If you like the look of the trailer, buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Terence Grisdale

I absolutely love this! I own the original Deceased and that was awesome but Deceased The Return is by far so much better, the photos are beautiful and handle much nicer in the Pro Sized and they just look so good ! Excellent work Jamie and Alakazam ! I hope we'll see a lot more spooky/Bizarre effects like this from you guys in the future as they're just great, and in my opinion there's something a lot more magical and mystical about these kind of effects. If you love Bizarre and spooky storytelling effects then buy this now ! You won't be disappointed!

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