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Destinations By Nikolas Mavresis (Poker Size)


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** Please note this is the Poker Sized Version of this effect
Destinations By Nikolas Mavresis 

Destinations is a super simple to perform prediction effect which can be used as a stand alone effect or as part of a larger routine.

With it’s super clean handling, direct method and streamlined effect Destinations takes a classic plot and gives it an up to date twist.

You will love Destinations. The cards are beautifully designed and printed on high quality stock.
Destinations is available in both Poker or Pro size 

Destinations may be instantly repeated with a different outcome!

Destinations comes with a full in-depth tutorial video where Peter Nardi and Mick Wilson discuss additional ideas for routining and performance.

** Also works great with Executive Suite By David Minton

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Customer Reviews

Silvio Martirano

Oldest tricks in the book, no surprise. I am not sure why this is defined as clever? there is no innovation here. the only innovation as such is to use as routine "the terminal and destination city". I guess there is no ending to the types of routines and themes but the trick and the effect does not change much

Steve Blake

Brilliant, Easy to Do, Great Props.Fun Routine,Amazing Method. Alakazam Do It Again.

Ivan C

This is an effect you'll definately find a use for, stand alone it's great with a principle that's genius.

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