Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey including Props and Online Instructions

Dice, Dice Baby with John Carey including Props and Online Instructions

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We are delighted to bring you John Carey's Dice Dice Baby project. Ten super clean mysteries with dice are performed and taught in exacting detail. There's so much variety in this collection, comprising mental and magical mysteries. Super simple handlings that you will love learning and using! 

Six mentalism routines - all of which require NO SLEIGHT OF HAND at all! 

Four super visual close-up tricks - get some eye popping magic a-happening! 

Comes with everything you need - ten translucent dice, a carry bag and over an hour of in-depth teaching on a video download! 

1. Dice Wave - A beautiful mental mystery involving a game of imagination. 

2. Hummeresqe - Put simply, they just think of one of six dice and you nail it! 

3. Hot Roddy! - A very clean prediction effect. 

4. Evoque Dice - Another simple, but super strong prediction. 

5. Gadabout Dice - A coin classic but now with different colored dice! Quick, powerful and visual. 

6. Homing Dice - A fun and strong magician in trouble sequence. 

7. Clearly Wild! - Wild Card but with dice! Quick and visual. 

8. A perfect 6! - A perfect six-way prediction where they make all the choices. You will love this! 

9. Translocation Dice - A lovely Dice Across Across effect with an unexpected finale! 

10. Covert Prediction - One deck of cards and a few dice and you will have a beautiful card at any number prediction. Super sneaky!

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Customer Reviews


I bought this only as an excuse to get away from Card and Coin work. After ordering, I thought. “Ha! That was a waste of money”. I know Johns work. I know he is good with cards, coins, close up stuff etc. But Dice???? I’ve never used Dice in my effects before. I regretted buying it. When it came. I opened the package, ignored the Dice and just watched the Video link instructions. Within ten minutes I was tearing the Dice package apart to try out the effects. Amazing. The first effect Dice Wave is lovely. Uses something (wordplay) that we all know. But uses it well. The third effect. Hot Roddy. Brilliant. A Hot Rod done with Dice. A Perfect 6 is worth the price of this package alone! This one is good! Covert Prediction? Okay this one fooled me. Fooled me so much that I am not going to watch the explanation of it! It is beautiful. It is bloody annoying me that I can’t work this one out. But I like that. It is good to be fooled. Peter, Dave. Thank you for selling this. John. Thank you for making this. (Oh. Can I also add? The Dice are lovely. Especially the Clear ones.)

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