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DieAbolical V5 By Steve Cook

DieAbolical V5 By Steve Cook

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Die-Abolical V5
Alakazam Magic are proud to work with Steve Cook, Steve has been creating magic for decades and his creations are used by magicians the world over. 
Die-Abolical is one of his most famous creations with the original version being performed by the great Wayne Dobson on British Television. 
Over the years Steve has released different versions of the plot (each version getting even more fooling) and V5 is the best and most fooling of all! 
Imagine giving you spectator a choice of one from 6 coloured dice and you clearly show you predicted it from the very beginning.
*By using 4 blue dice and 1 red and the bag (supplied in your DieAbolical set) you also have the perfect props to perform Max Mavens legendary Kurotsuke routine from his Video Mind Series 
Each sent of Die-Abolical V5 comes beautifully packaged and contains 
6 X Coloured Dice
6 X Reveal Dice (For Comedy ending)
Custom designed reveal box with adaption insert
Cloth bag
In-depth online video tutorial  

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Customer Reviews

Mick Wilson

WOW! Yet another touch of excellence from the Fake Genius, Steve Cook. This one requires the tiniest bit of mental preparation before you take it out into the world to slay people with it. Don’t have a panic attack, the mental prep is a lesson in itself, regarding another branch of this art of amazement and Die-abolical is a joy to perform using it. As Delia Smith might say, “Take 1 Die-abolical, a spectators mind, pop ‘em both in the performance pan and fry ‘em”.

Glyn Coy

Fantastically simple, but high impact effect. As I've found with Alakazam over many years, the props are high quality and the instructional material detailed and practical. This one is all down to how you present it - tricks like this give you a lot of dramatic licence to stamp your own identity on your magic and make people interested in what you have to show them.

Jerome Hill

I work in Silicon Valley and manage a group of engineers. I just received this and decided to show it to my engineers. Realistically, I thought they would figure this out but in three different showings to groups of engineers, they all were blown away. This is a definite for your arsenal. Outstanding.

Claes Feldt

This is awsome !! Did it for my wife and she dropped her jaw !! I had the extra dices in a bag and took one out as my prediction, she looked at me as i was an idiot. Then i empted the bag on the table with all the extra dices and she freaked out !! Best buy in a long time !!

Martin Reber

Exciting and excellent. I fully recommend the product

Mark Kavanagh

Another Great trick by Steve Cook ,I have done this now to quite a few people and have had a lot of great reactions. I wloud highly recommend this to anybody who want something different because when I have taken it out it has surprised many..five stars. Defo


First approach was... so... is it all here!? Then I've started to play with the trick and the principle and more I play more I find it interesting and the principle could be applied, with the needed modification, to an infinite number of other games... So, the first impact was nothing special... but then I have discovered the beauty of this trick and now I like it a lot! Super easy to do and funny... Of course, you could not repeat this for the same audience!

Pete Jones

This is a lovely routine and the props are top quality. I performed this routine to my eldest son , who at 33yrs old , is always trying to see through any magic routine to see if he can see how's it done , and to hear him mutter under his breath "why did I choose that colour" was a great feeling to me .And that's the reaction you should get . Not a routine that you can repeat in quick succession or indeed at the same venue , but still a great effect , that uses a process which we have all used in other Magic routines.

Adam McClure

This is a nice package, good routine but I’m not sure it’s needed. I believe this is in Steve’s new book so really we are getting the props here. The dice are nice but my box has a little kink in it. Taking off one star as I don’t think it’s a required release and one star because of the price.

Agustin Herrera

I own the Magic Wagon dieabolical edition. In this version there is a more practical an effective way to present this great effect. The presentation and instructions provided are short but excellent. This is another great creation and/or version of this effect. I greatly recommend this effect. Excellent job for Steve Cook and Alakazam. Going into the presentation I will prefer the one by Peter.

Chris Fisanick

Wonderful! When I saw the performance I thought that I knew the method. I was wrong, oh so wrong! This is a perfect little effect with beautiful, colorful dice. What makes it even better is that it's 100% inspectable. The spectators can look at the dice, the bag, and the box all night long, and they won't find anything--because there is nothing to find. That said, this is a piece that relies on performance. It's not a good choice if you are a beginning mentalist or can't perform what this routine requires. But any decent mentalist, with a bit of practice, will be able to pull this off and look like a genius. I smiled the whole way through the explanation of the method (Peter and Dave make this stuff a snap). I loved this, and you will too.

Paul Smith

I really love this trick! It comes ready to work immediately, but I would caution this approach! You will have an absolutely lovely effect in your hands, but you could spoil it if you don't take time to practice what to say! Its easy to learn, but to make the best performance its important you act chilled but it wont happen if you haven't bothered to absorb the teaching material! Steve Cook is a deceiving scheming wizard to create this! Nicely made and highly recommended!

Ali Said Jamaleddine

DieAbolical V5 is my first introduction to this effect and wow, it is such a great piece of mystery. The props are great and well packaged. I really like the dice. The tutorial is what we have come to expect from the Alakazam team. Two versions are taught and I see myself using both depending on what setting I am in. It really depends on the persona and performance style. The beauty of this effect is how easy for the participant to follow through. Simple props and solid revelations. For me, this routine is a winner!

Darren Woolf

Steve Cook made me reassess the way I think about and perform magic, and Die-abolical V5 was the point at which the penny dropped. After frying me with it I was lucky enough to see him perform it again a few times to both lay people and magicians. The reactions were wonderful to witness. Steve showed me the method (which is deceptively direct and so much fun to perform) and I planned to make it up as soon as possible. When he told me Alakazam were planning on releasing it I held back, because I knew the quality of the props would be excellent. And they really are! This is a lovely set of dice and perfect for such a wonderful effect. And just for the record, I prefer the original handling with the extra dice. Great work Steve and the Alakazam team. This is a killer.

Michael Reist

Another great effect. However to perform it well and to do it justice you will need to practice your presentation so that all the choices made seem natural. If done properly this is a true miracle. Take the time to hone your presentation and you will have a real worker that can be a stand-alone piece or guide you into other die or mental effects.

Trevor Hargreaves

Die-Abolical v5 is a superb effect. From the moment you see the beautiful packaging and the quality of the props you know this is a top notch product. The effect is fairly simple but extremely fooling. It is easy to do but will require a little practice regarding your patter so as to sound 'normal' when directing the spectator and to give the impression that the actions taken are completely random. The whole effect relies on convincing the spectator that they really did arrive at the chosen die by means of their own free actions. It is just a matter of letting your words flow in a conversational way. Die-Abolical v5 comes with all the necessary props including a nice carry bag. There is also access to online instruction where both Peter and Dave run through both the Steve Cook original routine and also their own preferred handling. The video is short (about 25 minutes) but is full of ideas and tips in the usual Alakazam manner. All in all an excellent effect that gets you away from cards for a change and is a nice lead in to other mental (or dice) effects if you so wish. Highly recommended. Five Stars.


This has been in my laptop bag since I received it and I have had the opportunity of trying it on laypeople in bars, hotels, meetings etc using both handlings. It never fails to get the desired reaction and is such an easy and beautiful method. Highly recommended.


Another killer. I had the previous versions of DieAbolical but this one is EVEN better. DieAbolical V5 knocks it out of the park when it comes to magician foolers- FOOLED ME! Great handlings taught on the streaming video by Peter and Dave. Must buy!

Geoff Lucas

Thanks for speedy service, Dieabolical V5 recd. when I saw the promotion for this great item I couldn't wait to buy it. Not only is it by that great creator Steve Cook it is so easy to do. I have the original version from Kaymar which Peter and Dave briefly talk about in the history of this trick. What I liked about this version Are the props and additional dice. The packaging is really nice, the props housed in a lovely box. If you know some dice routines you are set to go but this is a powerful stand alone routine in its own right. The way the trick is structured ( taught by Pete and Dave) you cannot go wrong. They offer a couple of versions with some nice subtle twists to the outcome. As an extra bombshell you could have your business card inside the lid of the box showing that you knew in advance what the outcome would be but its not necessary as all outs are covered. Reset is literally seconds. If you purchase a spare set of dice you could change the outcome which would work for table hopping but again it's your choice. This trick is great to build up in your presentation emphasising the free choices your spectator has had during the whole procedure, this is what makes it for me. I shall be doing this on a regular basis. It makes a nice change from a card trick!

Robert Hutchinson

Another amazing trick from Alakazam Very well explained Definitely worth every penny I might add a ring type box for the prediction

Malcolm Fairhurst

Awesome trick comes with two great routines plus you can create your own effects. Easy to learn and perform top quality props very clever and devious, leaves your audiences gobsmacked. One of the best dice tricks I have ever performed with and owned, another great gem from Steve Cook.

Steve Black

I have other versions of this so the methodology is not new to me ,but the extra options certainly add to the impossibility and justify the release ! The props are superb and of the highest quality and the instruction is clear and concise . I personally don't agree this is a table hopping effect but the reset is easy and quick to achieve . A beautiful piece of self-working mentalism. Another superb Alakazam release and recommended !!!!!

Ronald Wood

I think I originally seen DieAbolical a long (long) time ago when Harry Baron ran the Kaymar company. (Don’t quote me on this, I might be wrong!). Anyway DieAbolical V5 is Steve Cooke’s newest edition to the DieAbolical series! And, in MHO, probably the best! It is magical, humorous and VERY puzzling! All the free choices just make it seem impossible for you to know the outcome, yet your prediction is always 100%. DieAbolical V5 comes with a nice velvet bag, a little cardboard box for your prediction, and a lot of dice. The dice are beautifully made in plastic with no sharp corners. Handy when in your pocket! (Sorry, I forgot Dave actually mentioned that!) The Steve Cook routine is good, funny in a “leading them up the garden path” kind of way but I imagine when I’m performing this I’ll use the little square extra part that Pete and Dave supplies and perform their routine. All in all. A great routine, well worth adding to your act.

Mark Call

WOW! Steve Cook does it again! This is a brilliant 'self worker' that you will be doing minutes after watching Peter and Dave's awesome instructions. With TWO handlings taught .... Steve's brilliant original and Peters new handling you can decide on various tones for your reveal - both EASY TO DO. PURE BRILLIANCE and highly recommended for sure! Thanks for taking a great effect and making it even BETTER w/ version 5!

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