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DISTANCE Academy Course with Jamie Daws Instant Download

DISTANCE Academy Course with Jamie Daws Instant Download

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From Jamie;

"We are in a situation we have never been in as magicians. Unable to deliver an experience to our audiences like we used to be able to. Over the past couple of months, I have invested a ridiculous amount of time researching. Researching what other performers are doing, researching technology, researching magic effects and even researching other industries and pulling the best parts of all of these to create a brand new experience I can deliver to my audience. Many performer have noted that, because of the distance we have between us and our audience, it means the magic won't be as powerful. I firmly believe that, just because we are miles apart, it doesn't mean the experience cannot be just as incredible! 

In this lecture, I am going to discuss my entire online show. I will show you the effects chosen, why they were chosen. I'll talk about why they work better over video and the ways I have made my online show completely different to every other performer to give myself a USP. Not only that but, I'll discuss the technology I am using and how it all works to create a high end, professional, broadcast quality show right from your own home. 

I’ll be teaching some of my pet routines and will for the first time be discussing my book test and teaching you how you can use it! Not only that but I’ll be providing a supplementary PDF with print outs and notes to help you along!

If you have ever wanted to perform your own virtual show, there is no better time to start learning!"

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Customer Reviews

Darren Whichello

Jam packed with so much great information on set-up as well as tricks. I wish I had found this marvellous download a month ago as it would have saved me so much time and effort! The technical information has given my new Zoom show a far more professional look and I have added two of Jamie's routines to my show too! The only criticism was the choppy video quality at Jamies end, but luckily the content was so good it was worth putting up with!

Charlie Nunn

Great content. Thumbnail saying "make money from online shows" made me think that it would be more about actually getting the gigs but sadly it was not and I still need to figure out how to find the work. Apart from that, fantastic.

Richard Burbage

Absolutely the BEST resource on virtual shows I have come across so far (and I have seen quite a few.) There are tricks for the trick junkies, a full show's worth. Jamie teaches the how and why of the effects and routines he has selected and gives great advice on building your own virtual show. There are plenty of real world performance clips that bring home how effective an act like this can be. There is also a great section on technical aspects including hardware selection tips, software recommendations, and step by step how-to information. To top it off, there are great downloads, websites, and a Facebook group for continued support. When you think Jamie couldn't possibly be more generous, there is even a section on marketing. For someone looking to break into virtual performances to prepare for something that will likely become a staple of entertainment in the near future, this is a goldmine. I got way more than my money's worth from this event. It was like three great training sessions for the price of one.

Chris Wild

Jamie Daws did a fantastic job putting this academy course together. Over 4 hours of solid information including tricks and how to put a online show together. He even includes a PDF file which includes all the information regarding the course. I am really looking to reading through this wealth of information. Even if you don't get round to performing online shows this material can still be used in your live shows. Well worth the money.

Phil Macleod

Update - within 72 hours I set up 2 booking that paid for the course several times over. Amazing stuff It’s so detailed in every area that anyone will be able to put on a show to be proud of.

Michael E

Incredible lecture that into great depth. This isn't so much about learning the tricks he utilizes in his online show, but more about the structure and logic behind the pieces as well as how to technically integrate it all together. It opened my eyes to some new utilities available and got me excited for streaming my own shows.

Richard Craven

Wonderfull course ,Jamie explains everything clearly and fully ,this could well be the future of the magic show

Fiasco Borelli

Jamie Daws scores again. The amount of work put into this lecture really shows. Some really commercial effects, including some sneak peeks at future release (Harry was NOT a happy bunny), and a brilliant utility item. The structuring of his show, and his use of callbacks, is incredibly thought-provoking. Jamie not only performs a mini-show at the start of the lecture, but he also includes footage recorded from real world performances over webcam. Jamie rounds off the lecture with a discussion of the various bits of software available to help put together professional-looking webcam shows. He's included a comprehensive PDF as part of the package, and access to a secret section of his website where you can download additional artwork and templates. All this plus, of course, a Facebook Group. There were some issues with audio dropouts, but the fact that Jamie and the Grandfather of Mentalism were able to pull this together during lockdown is brilliant. Harry was as fabulous as ever. What's not to like?

Chris Arscott

Amazing course, online magic business in a box. Full of magic and technical advice for anyone to easily follow. One alone trick is worth price of the course.

Bruce Trigg

Distance was the most comprehensive, detailed presentation ever. The quality and the scale of the content was outstanding. Highly recommended for anyone planning to structure an online or live show. Mr. Dawes was congenial, forthcoming, genuinely revealing and exceptionally generous. value is beyond compare. Top shelf

Phil Macleod

So over four hours of quality. Some great routines, marketing advice, tech advice, performance advice. Jamie covered it all in depth. With tech and live shows becoming more common this is the foundation of making money from a strong performance. Another great academy

Martin Oehlbaum

Amazing workshop with lots of valuable content to add to your online shows

Colin McDabra

Thank you Jamie and the Alakazam Crew. Jamie has taken the business of online shows by the scruff of the neck and made it work so you really are interacting with your remote audience. His Houdini Image effect was sensational and worth the price of the event alone. Everyone raved about his 'one ahead' effect, and quite rightly too!

Lane Gutz

I have spent thousands on hundreds of magic products and can't name a better value for the money than this lecture. I was in awe! I can't wait to get started.!

Andrew Ace

5 out of 5 say no more, Jamie's course on DISTANCE is phenomenal. If you have the ability to order the course after it has been processed Purchase this NOW! What an experience being live as a member of the past Academy Courses and a member of the AlakazamFam. You will learn, craft, get technical, teaching is superb by Alakazam and Jamie. Again 5 out out of 5 hands down. This will last forever on and Jamie is the grand Wizard of putting this brilliance together, forever.

Phill Evans

Have to say, Jamie is sooo generous. He's given so much here. He's put so much effort into his show and he's just given it all away. So much content and practical help and some great ideas to het you thinking. Well worth every penny.

Rik Weston

Lock down may mean some cut backs but not with this Academy. Jamie Daws is truly a wizard not just with his magic but with his concept for a new style of magic. This is a whole new way to perform magic for people int he comfort of their own home and yet make it fully interactive and fun. Highly recommended.

Mark Dubes

Fantastic lecture, would have paid triple for the information that Jamie generously gave on this lecture.

Sean Mann

This is probably my favourite Academy to date. I came for the information on how to set up an online show and got so, so much more. You won't spend a better £25 on your magic this year.

Adrian Green

Absolutely FANTASTIC course - worth it at twice the price even!!! So many ideas and tips for online performances! You REALLY need this these days.

William McGregor

if you really want to run online magic events this is a must. If you just want to do some magic over the ether to friends then the content is brilliant.

Alexander Ross

Packed with content! To much to say so just watch it no question.

Ivan C

Another fun evening with Jamie Daws and the guys from Alakazam, the content of his Academy Course is just packed full of useful subtleties and money saving tips. Not to mention the monster amount of material he forces into such a small at of time

Scott Clark

Jamie has gone above and beyond, to show us how to to put on a great online experience. with lots of nice information on the tec.

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