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Doodle Queens By Graeme David Fishwick

Doodle Queens By Graeme David Fishwick

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Doodle Queens is a highly visual and fun packet effect that has multiple changes. You show four queens each hand drawn by your son, daughter, nephew, niece or young fan.
Explaining how they showed you a magic trick they had created. One by one the drawings of the queens turn face down and then one of them visually changes to a regular queen. Believe me this kicker knocks them for six! You then change all the drawings in to regular queens.
The effect could end here or you could go with the double kicker or having them all change back in to Doodle Queens!
Doodle Queens comes complete with custom designed and printed cards on high quality stock and full video instructions to make this effect super simple to learn.
Doodle Queens is easy to do and ultra visual and is perfect to carry in your wallet. Great for close up, parlor or Zoom shows!

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Customer Reviews

David Abel

Wow alakazam are really knocking it out of the park at the moment. Another great effect. Something else that will be with me all the time. Simple to follow , has an emotional hook and very strong visually. Cards and tutorial from Peter great as always. I will be buying a second set. Love it.

Steve Dela

I am in love with this. I've only had it for a day and I've already placed it in my packet trick holder. This will be with me at all times. Super strong effect and at an absolute bargain price. - Highly Recommended.

Wayne Goodman

a small trick with a lot of magic so simple but so magical, this is a great, beautiful packet trick with a purpose, stories etc add a human element to any performance and I cant wait to show this in my next online show

Roy Smith

Fantastic fun trick that has entertained frineds who don't like card magic but loved this. Instructions are very well explained. A lot of magic from a small packet that will easily sit in your wallet.

Paul Hoare

Great trick excellent tutorial the only fault is that the cards I received have started to stick after less than an hour. It is quite hard or near impossible now to do the trick smoothly. I rate the trick 5 stars but the card stock for me is very disappointing such a shame.

Mark Foster

A smashing little packet trick with a kicker ending that will keep them talking for days. Easy to learn, easy to perform, BIG reactions. A true gem and at an unbelievable low price. You will not be disappointed.

Darren Bane

There's nothing 'sketchy' about Doodle Queens, this little packet trick is a work of art. A winning combination of fun plus a powerful effect. If I were to nit-pick to the nth degree, I would say I would have preferred the cards to have Bicycle backs, but that isn't enough of a negative to warrant anything less than five stars. What I will say about these cards is that, as well as the faces looking great, they feel very durable and I think they will last a very long time, which makes this great value. Crystal clear tutorial. A lovely little piece of magic.


This is a great little routine with a choice of fantastic endings either the queens change or the cards reset depending on how many phases you want. handling has one well explained slight. Artwork is lovely. As you would expect ... story if fun and adaptable, what's not to like... oh and its as cheap as chips.

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