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Dream Deck by Magic Dream

Dream Deck by Magic Dream
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Here is a new Rainbow deck effect that will never leave your repertoire: the Dream Deck!

Specially printed in poker format, this routine is aimed at both beginners and professionals. A colourful, impossible coincidence effect!

You present a deck of cards with different backs and place the Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs on the table. You then deal the cards one by one face down. A spectator tells you stop at any time twice to lose the aces successively in the game. Then lay out the cards on the table.

First effect:  the spectator has replaced the 2 cards next to the only 2 which have a back identical to the aces.
Second effect:  the two cards are turned over and these are the other two aces!
Third effect: you lay out the game face up, it only contains kings of hearts.

Automatic , NO sleight of hand needed  , specially selected back cards with bright colors and designs worked on each card. All the work is done by the spectator, you can focus on your presentation.

Strong points :

Easy to do

Very fast reset


A routine built with 3 moments of impact

Special design

Poker Format

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