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EEE stands for Easy, Effective & Entertaining and if you have ever seen Martin lecture or perform this sums up his material.  

Martin is an award winning magician with over 25 years experience in the magical world. He is a very popular performer and his presentation style mainly concentrates on providing great entertainment to his audiences.

Martin is a regular contributor of magical articles with his unique tricks for The British Ring magazine amongst many others publications and they are very well received. 


As an inventor of magic Martin is a great thinker, he provides winning commercial routines that are easy to do but very strong in performance. These effects that he has created are guaranteed to have that necessary 'Wow' factor for those audiences that witness them.


His work on how to achieve maximum impact with minimal work will amaze you along with his energy and passion he uses in every magical demonstration.


In this Alakazam Academy Martin will teach some awesome routines including;


Signs Of Business...A magical and memorable way to hand out your business card


5-4-3-2-1...An exciting just chance routine involving a borrowed bank note and 5 envelopes


MP Brainwave...A true worker in every sense. Any card named is shown to have a different coloured back to the rest of the deck. Martin's take on this classic of magic


The Great Banana Trick...A fun packed piece of magic with an unexpected kicker ending


Which...A mystifying routine that uses ESP cards. Despite your spectator making all the choices a  tabled prediction incredibly matches their final outcome


Noted...A killer card routine with a gambling rouge for added excitement


My Mind's A Blank...You will come across like a sleight of hand genius. This is very visual card magic at it's finest


Human Calculator...A super strong but easy to do mathematical miracle. Prepare to learn how to be a Human Calculator


Upside Down Powder...A highly entertaining effect using just a borrowed deck and of course some upside down powder

And much much more....

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Customer Reviews

Craig Morris

what an absolute lovely academy that was great easy tricks very well executed and well explained such a lovely manner from Martin really enjoyed this one

Dan Rye

Great lecture, easy to do magic. Reminds me of when you first start out and learn some simple stuff and then as you get better you use more sleight of hand and technical stuff and kind of forget how powerful simple stuff can be. However the truth is this stuff is easy and floors laypeople. Using some simple gaffs like a double backer/face Martin has some great tricks on here. My faves were the card to wallet (with a great gag too) and his super easy brainwave. Really recommend this one! Only thing that would be nice is for the human calculator effect would be good to a have a separate PDF with the numbers on to make it easier to make up.

Nathan Edwards

It deserves more than 5 stars!! Awesome Academy, I learnt sooo much from it. I literally now have a new, brilliant and highly entertaining close up set. Well done Martin and of course Alakazam.

Brian Twigg

Strong stuff all around. I will be adapting like 90% of this stuff into what I already do. If you hands are getting old like mine and you want powerful pieces that require zero sleights then this is the one to look into.


Great magic ease to do the best Academy so far


Great academy. Simple effective magic. Highly recommended. BP Brainwave is one of my favourites, which I will use.

Tomer Shalev

Martin has picked such a wonderful selection of effects, they are so convincing but yet simple to perform with little practice! It's a great academy for both beginners and experienced mentalists, and also - it's very easy to get your hands on the objects you need to perform the effects.

Darren Gamble

My first academy and I will certainly be coming back for more. Martin was excellent - really clever, entertaining, funny and explained the tricks really well. Thank you Martin and Alakazam Magic, top work :)

Joe Cowley

Lots of easy to do strong stuff. Good value. Some simple arts and crafts and “certain” decks needed thoug.

Ian Schollar

Loved the Academy tonight. Really practical effects and martin's easy teaching style means you can take the effects and perform straight away. I'm can already see how I would use Paranormal and Great Banana Trick. :) Thanks Martin and Alakazam.

Andy London

Our club did a demo of Ace Magic and their effects are great. So damn practical and at least in the US, most are new to us. This academy was really fun and really useable.

Michael Hernandezpeterson

What a great Academy! Martin is very high energy and all of his effects are fun, simple to do, and truly entertaining, just as the title suggests! Every one of the effects is a worker that could be added to anyone's set today! Some of my favorites include Paranormal with ESP cards, The Great Banana Trick with an actual banana, and a fabulous way to hand out your signed business card. Highly recommend!

Jens Woinowski

Brilliant. Couldn't still until the end and left before the break. Still already got my money's worht and will be looking forward for the download. 5-4-3-2-1 is my favorite so far!


Very practical magic. The epitome of “Packs Small Plays Big!” Good stuff you WILL use!

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