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Eliminator Streamline By Astor

Eliminator Streamline By Astor

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I will tell you now Astor got me with this at the Magic Circle Dealers day! Peter Nardi

This is a gambling effect where the spectators has the chance to win some cash !

There are two envelopes, one red and one black.  You state that In one of these envelopes is a banknote and your spectator has a chance to win it.

From a shuffled deck the spectators eliminate cards until there is only one left.

The spectator can win the banknote if the colour of the last card matches with the colour of the envelope which contains the banknote.  You open up the opposite coloured envelope to show the bank note and unfortunately they have lost the gamble but you know what they are thinking maybe both envelopes contain money?  You now open the envelope that matches the colour of their card and in side is one playing card. When that is removed it is seem to be a perfect match for the card they selected!

Please note this is the new streamlined version which uses only one spectator in the routine!

No deck, or prediction cards, or envelopes switches!
No gimmicked prediction cards, or envelopes.
No multiple prediction cards in one envelope!
Easy to master and to perform!

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