Emojional By Very Magic

Emojional By Very Magic

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8 playing cards are shown and can be freely examined by the spectator, each card has a different Emoji with an emotion written underneath, the cards are mixed and fanned for the spectator to select one whilst the performer looks away.

The spectator remembers the Emoji and the performer asks them about that emotion, seemingly picking up on their expressions and appearing to sympathise with the emotion the spectator is just thinking of…before revealing the exact Emoji and emotion the spectator has freely chosen.

No marked cards - No fishing for answers - Instant re-set - Can be repeated with different outcomes - Easy to do

Printed on top quality, linen finished card stock - Unique one way back design – Bright and vibrant colours

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Customer Reviews


This effect is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Everyone I have performed this to love it. Emojis are clearly very popular and people can instantly equate to them. If you want an effect that will guarantee a great reaction, you need to get this.


Fantastic mentalism effect that is a great way to modernize your repertoire and relate to a younger generation. A bonus is that these emoji cards can be used for a multitude of other effects.

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