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Envision by Dave Loosley

Envision by Dave Loosley

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Direct from Dave Loosley's close up set comes Envision an ultra-visual three phase coin transposition routine. Envision was designed to be fast paced, super visual and contain jaw dropping changes.
Envision is a real world worker (Dave uses it at every gig) and is perfect for the beginner and professional magician alike.In this package you will receive everything you need to perform this insanely visual routine and amaze your audiences.
Dave will break down his professional working routine piece by piece to give you the best possible teaching to have you performing this within minutes.
As well as the custom made gimmicks, Dave has included some incredible bonus effects.
Package includes:
1-Custom coin set
1-Gimmicked pen
1-High quality coin pouch.
Envision has been a staple in Dave's walk around set for years and now its time to add it to yours!

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Customer Reviews


Dave has created a real worker with this. When I opened the package I was delighted with the well made props. A lot of thought has gone into these. You can tell this has been performed a lot in real world conditions. Daves instructions are clear and easy to understand, and the first phase is something I will use a lot! This is great to carry in your pocket to use in walk around / close up. Also you can come up with your own ideas/ routines as well, which Dave encourages you to. All in all , a great investment, and strong effect. Very highly recommended!


Wow, This really is an amazing trick. I spoke with Dave today before purchasing, He answered all my questions in great detail, Thanks Dave! Envision has not arrived yet but I can already tell this is going to be amazing, Just by the quality of the video. I can't wait to get started!

Steve Black

Just brilliant ! Fantastic. I can see why it is always out of stock. Very well made gimmicks as per all Alakazam products and the instruction clear and concise. I don't normally like coin magic but when I saw this I just had to have it. Dave is very very clever . Highly recommended !!!!!!!!

Dr. Michael Highton

I have been looking forward to this release for some time. Firstly, the product itself is first class in every aspect; manufacture, design and application. Secondly, the presentation and instruction is detailed, extremely well taught using perfect visual interpretations and descriptors. Thirdly, I can think of no improvements needed whatsoever. This effect leaves future users to design their own interpretations be they single or multi stage performances. The teaching and use of the introductory vanish and reveal is bordering on genius. Dave has demonstrated thought, care and imagination to develop a piece of magic, awe and fable. Outstanding.

Tom Rolfe

I first saw this when Dave performed it for me at the store. It left me with that wonderful feeling of awe we look to give all our audience members. I grabbed one for myself the moment it was available for sale. You should buy this when the next batch comes to the shop.

Steve Poynton

Damn, this is an absolute killer. Now my favourite and go to coin effect, Daves 3 phase routine is very visual and hard hitting this is a must have for any magician. He also provides a very detailed explanation with multiple handlings. Very highly recommend this if your lucky enough to get yourself a set, which are also amazing quality! Well done Dave for this fantastic release.

Lawrie Day

Dave Loosley does it agin. What a fantastic effect and such beautifully made props. This effect demonstrates that you do no need to be scared of coin magic as Dave guides you with his clear and concise routine that is well within the gift of magicians of all abilities. Not only does teach you all the subtleties in detail in this excellent video shot from all the right angles, but he offers a number of suggestions for alternative handlings for those who feel less confident about his main introductory move, which to be fair is again easily learned and when utilised with practice, it is very spectacularly visual. The coins are beautifully made and this will be an effect that will stun anyone when learned. I cannot recommend this highly enough and although it may appear to be an expensive investment , you get what you pay for and the routine, coins and Dave's excellent tuition make it well worth the money. A must for all magicians from beginners to professionals. No wonder they were flying off the shelves yesterday!

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