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With each deck you will also receive a special link so you can access well over one hour of video tutorial 


This gorgeous aged looking ESP deck is based on the deck we created for the fantastic effect Zener Match By Nikolas Mavresis.  The deck has colourful symbols and looks aged.

This deck is perfect if you want to add a little more mystery to your act.  They really are a taking point.

The decks are made using high quality game stock and they handle beautifully.


AGED ESP deck is also secretly marked to open up many more possibilities 

The AGED ESP deck is available in two sizes, Poker and Pro.

You will love this deck either as a stand alone or an accompaniment to Zener Match.

With each deck you will also receive a special link so you can access well over one hour of video tutorial 

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Customer Reviews

Ian Maltby

Absolutely brilliant love the cards not to mention the Routines that Pete has added as a download which takes time to do I’m sure anyone can think up some routines to go with these cards but you are supplied with some really good routines from Peter which is a really nice touch to get you going. Highly recommend

Jeff Short

I love these cards, easy to handle and feel great in the hands. The routines you learn are super simple and to add a kicker ending to a routine, they work perfectly with Steve Cooks ESP Test Kit

Horst M. Paffen

Do you need Zener Cards Aged? No, BUT the ones on old made cards can be very well integrated into a fictional lecture topic that revolves around Joseph Rhine and Karl Zener, who from the 1920s on "researched" first with 6 symbols (dice) and then with the known 5 symbols on cards, because with 5 symbols the hit rate increased. I would have reduced it to 1 symbol... In any case, the buyer gets 5 wonderful tricks that stand out from the usual performance with ESP cards, all of them require no dexterity at all and provide excellent effects. They are not new, but VERY GOOD. They alone are worth the money - if you do not know them. But I am an old mocker, that's why I like Britain, especially because of its humor. Even if, according to Peter Ustinov, the smallest book in the world is an English cookbook, a German book of humor is probably even slightly smaller. Translated with (free version)

Andy M

What a beauty! These cards are perfect! Very satisfied! And beside the effects I learned from the supplied tutorials, there is of course lots and lots of other ESP effects out there, where this cards could be used... I do already... Highly recommended! Thank you so much!

Stephane Schoetens

These cards are SUPER... Very good quality and nicely aged. They handle very well and will last a lifetime if properly handled. The little 'history' on the nice and sturdy box is a fine bonus... The 'age' -faded colors used (back and front) on the cards are superb. It is no secret that all these cards are marked on the back. But if you look carefully, you'll see that they are also marked on the face ?!? This can be interesting of course when you have your deck face up in your hands. You can very easily, by looking on the face mark, know in which direction you have to put the deck/card face down on the table as to read easily the back-mark(s). Should some card(s) still land the wrong way face down on the table, here is a nice way to still read the card(s) quickly: read the card(s) as per normal and substract the figure you read from six... Those who own these exceptional cards will rapidly figure it out. ;) I am very, very pleased with my ZENER CARDS. Price - quality: fantastic. The long and detailed video that goes with it is full of great ideas and well explained and filmed. Peter Nardi, the Dark Wizard, and his team did it again.... SUPER !!!! Really a TOP DEAL... Buy it before they are all gone. Magic is still out there....

John Williams

Excellent quality cards. Very good effects in particular the Five effect.

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