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Etienne Pradier Academy Instant Download

Etienne Pradier Academy Instant Download

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Etienne is undoubtedly one of the world’s busiest performers. He has worked his magic in almost every Performing situation, trade shows, weddings, restaurants, corporate functions, mix and mingle, stand up and stage.  Not only that but he is a firm favorite with the Royal Family.

In his first Alakazam Academy one of our favorite magicians will be sharing some of the thoughts, ideas and routines that have firmly established him as one of the UK’s top performers.

Among other things you will learn;

Card in bottle 

Etienne has performed the Signed Card in Sealed Bottle on many occasions for clients around the world and it is always guaranteed to get a fantastic reaction as well as making a memorable gift to hand out. This has to be seen to be believed!

Bottle though table 

Learn one of the greatest close up effects ever created from one of the best magicians in the world. Etienne Pradier has performed this effect thousands of times and repopulated it among magicians the world over with his tried and tested approach to this classic effect. Learn the real secrets of this fantastic effect from the master himself.

Coin Travel 

Etienne's take on a classic plot in magic. A selected coin cleanly disappears and travels to an impossible location. A true miracle of close up conjuring!

Times Watch 

A watch is borrowed and a time freely named by the spectator. This named time is then shown to be on the watch! This is direct Mentalism at it’s very best!

All this and more is explained in Etienne’s own distinct style along with numerous other effects and ideas throughout the evening.

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Customer Reviews

Steve Pardoe

Fantastic hair misdirection. A skill in itself but I haven’t got enough hair! I can now totally understand why Peter said Ettienne had him in stitches last time he saw him perform live. A superb performer and teacher. So glad I watched. Thankyou Etienne.

Phil Macleod

So as other people have said - Etienne's routines are very strong, A master of misdirection and the best haircut I have seen on academy yet. I really enjoyed the informal way he explains his routines and the his honest views on what makes each trick work. its great to see 'natural performers' use comedy as well as strong techniques. I have re-watched the opening several times and the appearing bottle is as good as the finale of bottle though table. All the things in between are fast, funny and informative. Over 2 1/2 hours of great academy. This takes me back to the best days of sitting in a bar with a magician and just chatting to them while they show you their latest routines and then tell you how it all ties together.. well worth the money

JW Wenberg

Ettienne's rapid-fire performance style leaves audiences reeling in awe from an onslaught of magic, and his timing is a wonder to behold. He's funny, too. I encourage you to purchase this, and any other lectures Ettienne has given. Here, you'll find sleights, theory, jokes, inspiration and some astounding tricks all in one package. Thanks to Peter for another great Academy.

Brian Stewart

What a great Academy. Etienne is a master of misdirection and he uses his very funny style to disguise what he is up to as well as entertaining the crowd. It is now obvious why he is one of the most popular magicians around, he has a lot of fun with his magic and is an all round entertainer. I loved this Academy and can't recommend it enough.

Brent Humecki

This workshop is the bomb! Great magic and tons of advice on performing! I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less with other workshops. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to Etienne’s magic and excellent teaching…you will not be disappointed.

Jayson Staples

excellent as usual,so much information and entertaining

Alec Mitchell

Super powerful, super workable and perfectly honed working routines that play big. A bargain at twice the price! The most entertaining lectures I have ever had the pleasure of watching.

Simon Smith

Wow wow wow. This academy lecture is incredible value for money. I suggest you don't want to pass this one by. The performer Etienne is amazing, extremely humorous and a first class performer and engaging and the routines he shares are all killer routines. After watching this I want to go back and learn everything in it. It is brilliant.

William McGregor

Etienne's enthusiasm is infectious his ideas are brilliant – in this Academy you see why he is the busiest magician in the country.

Rob Scott

Half way through this amazing course. within the first 15 minutes you have a routine that will give you a reputation that will get you rebooked time and time again. Ettiene is a master of his craft. if you dont have this I urge you to buy it immediately. You will not be disappointed.

Roy Smith

What an entertainer and magician. Watching this academy as a show is well worth the money on it's own, add the teaching makes this outstanding value. The fun and entertainement is absolutely fantastic.

Danny Marsh

Ettienne is simply one of the best magicians working today. The course is genius. Some of the most powerful close up magic, brilliantly explained. However the humour and misdirection is worth the money alone. Amazing.

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