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Every Day Carry - The Rick Holcombe Academy Instant Download

Every Day Carry - The Rick Holcombe Academy Instant Download

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Have you ever struggled with how to integrate your coin magic will everything else you do? How do you get different coin tricks to flow into each other in a logically way?

I have a solution for you! And as a bonus, it packs small and plays big! I’ll teach you the way I think about structuring my magic, stringing routines together, and getting the most out of very little.

I’ll be covering about a dozen items including:

A one coin routine

A spellbound routine

My version of "Winged Silver” from Bobo’s

A coins through table

My handling of "Presto Chango” from Bobo’s

A spectator interactive Copper Silver Transposition

A breakdown of the Retention of Vision Vanish (I’ll have you doing this perfectly in 10 minutes!)

A breakdown of The French Drop (I’ll have you looking at this move in a fresh new way that makes it 100x as fooling).

Other ways to look at the French Drop

My own Rolling Retention vanish

And more…

The goal of this lecture is to provide a mini crash-course on coin magic. You’ll have at least 15 minutes of magic at your disposal all carried in one coin purse. I’ll teach you how to combine everything together as one long performance, also how each element can easily stand on its own for shorter, quick routines.

Because of the simplicity of the setup, you’ll be carrying this every day and you’ll be more likely to practice "on-the-go”.

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Customer Reviews

Sandy Wilson

Rick is a highly skilled coin expert who clearly loves what he does. The teaching is extremely clear and detailed. You're learning a modular routine here with different elements that can be mixed and matched depending on your time or skill level. Everything is do-able, however you will need put in a fair amount of effort if you want to do Rick's material justice, but as he argues on the course, as the props are so minimal, there's no excuse not to take a small coin purse with the few coins required out everywhere with you to hone your skills as and when you can. The routines are structured in such a way that you can easily spend time practising each part before putting things together. You will require a fairly common coin gimmick to perform the bulk of Rick's full routine, that you may already own if you have a few gimmicked coin sets in the back of your magic drawer, and if not can be purchased relatively inexpensively. Highly recommended.

Neil Hutchinson

A great lecture, with accessible coin magic routines for the beginner through to the expert. Utilities that work and amaze. Simple to follow instructions, well demonstrated with smart close ups, prop hints and links to other great routines including a stunning Okito box variation

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