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F1 Wallet RED By Jason Rea

F1 Wallet RED By Jason Rea

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F1 Bonus Disc Routine

F1 Thought Of Card In Wallet

F1 Wallet Jason Rea

F1 Wallet Jason Rea

F1 Phantom Card

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**When you purchase and F1 or F1 Nitro wallet you also receive a FREE streaming video (accessible in the "My Streaming Videos” section of your account) This video teaches a great card to envelope method for the F1
Alakazam Magic Are Proud To Presents Jason Rea F1 No Palm/Palm Card To wallet

The Load Is So Fast & Totally Sleight Free You Will Fool Yourself!!
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Customer Reviews

Leslie Lawrenson

Took delivery today, devoured the enclosed DVD, and was up and running even before it ended. A demonstration of the main effect before a couple of family members as a test audience proved to me what a killer device this is, and how fantastically easy this wallet is to use. This will become an immediate part of my act. Absolutely brilliant!

Rob Butcher

This has been the only wallet I have used for card magic for four years. The ease of loading is amazing and fools the audience. Plenty of different routines exist - whether you or the volunteer load the card back into the pack. Love the additional idea for card in envelope in wallet. Love it.

Ray Werner

The F1 wallet by Jason Rea is the best card to wallet that I have in my collection. If I had only purchased this wallet first I could have saved myself a ton of money. I use the no palm feature as it is super fast and invisible. I also use the palming feature when using Peter Nardi's Extractor. Great job Jason!!


I should start by saying am fairly new to magic and mainly perform for Friends, Family and at my local pub. When I came across this wallet I was a little sceptical as it just looks impossible for a “No Slight Wallet” to look that clean. I took the plunge and after watching through the DVD’s (yes you get two) I had a handful of routines that I could perform. The DVD’s are excellent with Jason & Peter covering pretty much everything you can think of. I truly believe that (although I can’t palm) if I could I would use this instead as it looks impossible. The wallet is in view or even in their hands the whole time. The gimmick itself is so clever and clean in its use that you could actually perform this straight away and I applaud Jason for his thinking. You can end clean and even start clean.. what more could you ask for? Peter also covers several other routines on the second DVD and the best routine has to be the Phantom card routine, this alone is worth the price of this wallet and after performing at my local pub they were blown away. If I was a professional I could see myself getting bookings from this one effect. Excellent product, service and well priced.

Stephen Richards

Whilst I haven't counted them up as such, I would think I have spent a small fortune over the years on numerous types,methods,shapes and sizes of wallet for this basic premise. That's not to mention cards to box, envelope etc. Within a fortnight of receiving the F1 it just about replaced the lot. Sound thinking,I Used it about 12 times last weekend and it passed all the tests in some challenging situations. Highly recommended and do get the extra opposite colour gimmick. p.s anyone want to buy a bunch of wallets? LOL. Steve


Knowing that I´m not a close-up guy, my intuition said that the F1 wallet would work for me. And it does! This one I will actually use for a change. Thanks Nielo

Josh Hayman

Lovely wallet, beautiful quality and the gimmick is great. It opens up many different possibilities and will easily fit into already established routines to give extra impact and effect. The DVD is good. I personally love having "WOW" tucked into my F1 Wallet and then combining the two for incredible reactions. Great job.

Glenn Fielding

First of all this F1 wallet with gimmick is absoloutly fantastic, the quality of the wallet is amazing and very well designed. Once you have this wallet, you will never need to even think about any other that is out there. But then again with such an amazing product what else do you expect from alakazam!!! I have seen many wallets that cost more than the F1 and the standard of others is nowhere near as good. It is worth getting an extra gimmick of the opposite so you are ready to go with any blue or red deck! Well done Jason and all the staff at alakazam.

Roman Armstrong

Jason has created a fantastic gimmick alongside the awesome wallet making any card to wallet routine that you do easy and much better! YOU MUST GET ONE!!!

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