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Features By John Anders

Features By John Anders

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From the creative mind of Dutch magician John Anders comes Features. A quick, quirky, fun and powerful routine.  Features is perfect as an opening effect for both strolling and close up magic. and it has an instant reset and it's totally examinable.
Three cards are shown and it's down to your spectator to make some choices.
He chooses which card goes on your head, which goes in your mouth and which remains in your hand. (this is super fair and there is no magicians choice)
You turn over the cards and unbelievably your spectator has make every decision 100% correctly!
The cards uses are totally un-gaffed and everything may be completely examined.
Features will become your favourite opener and it's the perfect quickie to break the ice.
Features also includes a bonus set of cards for a routine by John Carey designed as a table hopping opener!

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Customer Reviews

Jonathon Allwood

This is an automatically effect that is fantastic that it might be over look by some magicians but it has so much more when you think about the effect think about it the cards know what will be and where they will end up with the right dress crazy mind ment effect can pop up in your mind and thanks to John Carey bold new way of working this effect you have some thing for weddings and special events!

Nigel Roberts

What a lovely little effect the main routine is but, with the John Carey ideas, you could produce a mini act with just three cards. Great value for money.

Colin Palmer

This is a great little trick. The cards are well made and the tutorials by Alakazam are excellent. Loads of different ideas are given, including the extra cards making this a perfect effect when you are out with friends or in a restaurant. So deceiving and easy to learn

Ronald Wood

I only just ordered this so have not seen the cards yet. But watching the tutorial videos, I can't wait to start opening with this. What a BEAUTIFUL way to approach a table! Every choice is so fair! One of the many downfalls of performing (in my opinion) is "the dreaded approaching a table"! This little effect totally sorts that. And the cards supplied with John Careys routine make this a true winner. Thank you John. (Not you John Carey. The other John) LOL. And Thank you Alakazam for putting this out.

Stephen Black

I really enjoy Alakazam releases unfortunately this is not one of them. First,the positives, the artwork is excellent and the instructions thorough.It may be my lack of imagination the premise is so simple it is not worth doing. It is just not impressive. Again it may be my poor performance but having done so my spectators were also not keen.I understand it is a simple opener but this is simply not strong enough.I am giving this 2 stars because of the artwork.

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