Flat Pack with Gimmick and Online Instructions by Jason Knowles

Flat Pack with Gimmick and Online Instructions by Jason Knowles

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"The Flat Pack appearance was pure eye candy, then Jason pulled the cards out of it and I could have punched him it was so good!!" 

- Ben Williams 

"This is the ultimate 'Packs Small, Plays Big' effect!" 
- Eric Jones 

"I've seen a lot of gimmicks out there. Some are ingenious but fragile. Others are sturdy but limited. Flat Pack is one of the few that has the best of both worlds: strong gimmick for strong effects." 
- Jeremy Griffiths 

Created by the genius behind "Double Take," Jason Knowles created Flat Pack to be a surrealistic visual opener and closer that gets you in and out of your set with flair. 

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Customer Reviews

Tom Rolfe

The gimmick is what you expect based on the trailer so there are no surprises. On the training video Jason gives you a very good overview of how to use and repair the gimmick. It will take you time to get things working as smoothly as Jason and Dave show in the trailer. The reason I did not give this 5-stars is the gimmick was not fully functioning right out of the box. For the given price and the fact everything is handmade the gimmick should be working. That said Jason does explain how to fine tune things to resolve the issue.

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