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FLITE by Steve Thompson

FLITE by Steve Thompson

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"The link is so fast and pure, it can even be used as a visual effect. Which you can't do with other ring flights."

- Tom Elderfield


FLITE checks so many boxes, our pen just ran out. 

The gimmick has been engineered with a deceptive, easy load method.

This means you can vanish the ring and make it appear among your keys with one fluid action - as you take them out of your pocket. 


FLITE is a ring flight gimmick, re-engineered.


No threads

No clips

No magnets

100% safe and secure

Loads easily

Unlinks easily 

Resets instantly - perfect for walkaround and restaurant work

Can be repeated instantly

Can be handled by the spectator

Can be used as a visual effect

Links multiple rings at a time

Performable while surrounded 

... and is always ready to go. <and breathe...>

Because their ring actually ends up attached to the keyring itself, you can even let them get microscopically close and pull right on it... It's really on there.

In fact, FLITE is so easy to use, you can even give the loaded gimmick to your spectator to hold... before the ring has even-vanished, or use it as a visual linking effect. 


The components used for FLITE are of the highest quality. Let's face it, you need something reliable that's going to last you tens of thousands of performances, whether it's casual or paid - you can put FLITE through the wringer.

Made with premium-grade metals for durability

Safe & secure

With normal use, FLITE should last you a lifetime. 

Tom Elderfield steps in for Steve and breaks down exactly what makes FLITE unique. Then he'll show you how to use your FLITE gimmick in a way that melts your audiences. With hundreds of performances under his belt, he's got some incredible insight on how to best perform FLITE for maximum impact.

The good news is, for those that aren't ready to get too close to their audiences or have them touch your items, FLITE can be utilized for visual routines too. Once you know the secret, you'll be able to link inspected or borrowed objects out in the open, turning 'ring flight', for the first time, into a visual spectacle.

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Customer Reviews

Ian Maltby

Absolutely brilliant the link is lightening fast the first Ring Flight I’ve used without a reel And a pure joy to use the gimmick is very well made and should last a lifetime with care. Often said in Magic the simple ones are the ones that slay spectators and this is no exception. I would recommend this Ring Flite to anyone wishing to do a borrowed ring to key ring what more can I say.

Drew Perry

I've never liked the standard ring flight effect, using a pull and some sort of device living on your keys. This is so clean, simple and elegant. A real worker effect.

Mark Foster

Simplicity at its best. Pure genius. Easy to use. No fiddling, fumbling or ring dropping. Super quick to load and you can even give it to a spectator to hold while you 'do the magic'.

David Williams

This is a new take on the ring flight effect and is worth every penny. I love ring flight but have always hated the methods that have gone before. This is a brilliant simple method. No pulls, no magnets and nothing is restrictive in any way. Loading the vanished ring onto the keyring is simplicity itself and very fast. The ring is actually on the keyring rather than sitting against it attached to something else. Until this method I have never been happy with performing ring flight. Love this.

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