Frenetic Vol 1 by Grant Maidment and RSVP Magic

Frenetic Vol 1 by Grant Maidment and RSVP Magic
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How often is it that a hugely successful working magician, tips all of his working material for others to use???


On this 2 DVD set, Grant Maidment performs totally workable routines that all pack a punch and are absolute winners.


Volume 1 Contents:


Your Signed Card

Grant's signature twisting effect with two kicker endings


Lucky Poker Chip

A vanish and appearance of a Poker chip plus a card transformation 

A printing prediction with a surprise finish


The Jokers Know

The Jokers find the selected card, then reveal they knew the identity all along


Monte Knives

A Monte-style routine for the Color Changing Knives


Shrinking Pen/Jumbo Coin

A three-phased routine with a pen and a coin

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