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From The Card Table To The Magic World with Yann Hardy Instant Download

From The Card Table To The Magic World with Yann Hardy Instant Download

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My name is Yann HARDY, from France, and this is my Alakazam’s EXCLUSIVE lecture.

I was a professional card cheater working in private games (and paid for that) spanning 7 years. When I retired I decided to work in and for the magic industry as a creator using my knowledge in card cheating and in many fields of magic (like stage, close up, Mentalism, hypnosis, etc. for me and other magicians)

This lecture will take place at Alakazam Live Academy the 11th and 12th September 2019 and it will be EXCLUSIVE because, not only i will share with you, tricks and ideas that I never share or publish, but also I will provide you a full toolbox, with techniques, tips and concepts.

There will be lots of things and tricks for everyone from beginner to advanced!

Here is the content:

Day one: tricks:

Sandwich 1: The 2 jokers are put aside; a card is chosen and returned to the deck. She then re-appear between the 2 jokers that never come near the deck.

Sandwich 2: The 2 jokers are put aside; a card is chosen and returned into the deck, but not squared in it. As soon as the spectator will square the card into the deck, she will appear between the 2 jokers that never come near the deck.

A visit to Larry : My tribute to the great Larry JENNINGS and his visitor trick.

The poker demonstration that can’t be explained: My version of the Trick That Can’t Be Explain during a poker demonstration. Let’s do some jazz magic, guys!!

The Biddless Trick ( 2 versions) : imagine being able to do this classic of magic The Biddle Trick but without using the biddle move.. A table version and a cocktail/strolling version are included.


Tips, learning and concepts on shuffles and false shuffles

Card controls

DPS and Bottom palm

Holdout’s and palming



Day two: tricks:

Oil and water (3 phases): My 3 phased oil and water, each phase is easier to follow and ends with a climax.

A simple ACAAN: A simple version from the mind of the great Dai Vernon (I always do it as a mise en bouche for the next version)

ACAAN (2 versions): A deck is given to a spectator to shuffle. The other spectators call out a card. The first one is asking for a number between 1 and 52. The card called will end up at that number.

(The 2nd version is an almost non-technical version)

My No Looking Poker Deal: My seven stud poker demonstration where the spectator can decide the number of player and which one will win the game.. The spectator shuffles the cards and the dealing begins. The named player will end up with the winning hand! Did I mention that the spectator can shuffle and /or cut the deck anytime during the dealing ??


"Handling the crowd"

A complete course on :

Dealing deuces, strike, side and front push off, covered, one handed from mechanic, full grip and my version of the ‘No’ grip.

Base dealing, strike, push off, covered, one handed from mechanic, full grip and my version of the ‘No’ grip.

 And some insight into Greek and centre deal.

No stones will be left unturned and more...

Sounds great, no ?


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Customer Reviews


the 2nd day was brilliant - I have been looking to learn 2nd deal and bottom deal - the techniques taught are brilliant - just need to put in the work to do it well.

Alexander Ross

After watching the first Academy by Yann Hardy I have to say that when combined with the second night I am even more impressed by Yann’s relaxed method of tuition and again his wonderful attention to detail. The combination of story as attached to a magic presentation should also be a well practiced addition to audience involvement that encourages ones spectator to become a very worth part of a presentation, as he points out so well. Moreover his techniques are amazing.

Mark Wild

Fabulous Academy. Not only fresh insight into traditional routines but more importantly the logic behind the chosen moves. Well worth your time to watch and learn.

Phil Craven

WOW! What an interesting and charismatic man. Yann certainly knows how to hold court. Such in depth, clear explanations for moves he makes so simple. It’s clear to see how passionate Yann is about what he does. A great academy, don’t hesitate to get this. Well done all at Alakazam, thankyou Yann!

Alexander Ross

Yann Hardy is an excellent teacher he not only demonstrates he magic but se explains everything related to the implementation pointing out many aspects of style, panache and misdirection in great detail. His enthusiasm, laid back presentation and eye for detail makes everything so clear and easy to manage. This academy course is very worthwhile!

Mark S

Fantastic first half. Yann's demonstration of sleights and palms have been really good so far and his sandwich tricks fried my tiny brain. Looking forward to the rest of this academy!

William McGregor

Great listening to him about his history - teaching complex moves - simply - his theory on why he does what he does is invaluable.

Danny Marsh

Must admit I'd never heard of Yann Hardy but was fascinated by a seeing a card cheat, and also the fantastic early bird price. Tuned in for the academy and let's just say that the first ten minutes was incredible just to listen to Yann's story. Then the magic begins and oh my, his techniques and tricks are truly outstanding. This is an incredible 2 day course, a fascinating man who I could listen to for hours. And I was a bit worried his techniques would be too advanced. But I need not of worried. Brilliant.

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