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Genetics 2 By Sean Goodman

Genetics 2 By Sean Goodman

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When Sean Goodman Released Genetics it became an instant bestseller and is used by pro’s and hobbyists all over the world.

If you own Genetics you will certainly want to upgrade to Genetics 2 and (if you don’t already own Genetics) stop reading this, buy it and thank me later!

So what is Genetics 2?
Well it’s Out Of This World but on steroids!  It can be performed either with serious patter, fun patter or cheeky patter (in fact you can perform it any way you wish!) The best bit is whichever way you choose to perform it, the ending will blow their minds!
So what is difference between Genetics and Genetics 2?
Sean has changed the images in Genetics 2 but kept some of the favourites 
The cards are gorgeously printed in full colour and now on poker sized, high quality playing card stock
Sean has updated the handling which now allows for the spectators to shuffle the cards before the effect
Genetics 2 uses NO sleight of hand and has a totally instant reset.
Two spectators each shuffle the photo deck. You state that you are going to show them the images but not say a word.  They are asked just to look at the images as they are placed onto the table.  Once this is done you say Believe it or not I have now influenced you.  I am going to show you the photos in turn and you need to decide if you would like to keep it or not.  This happens with every photo.
You pick up the pile of photos that your spectators rejected turn them over and show that each card has either a male Genetic Symbol and a blue back or Female Genetic symbol with pink back.  It’s actually a good mix.
You now ask spectator number one to turn over the photos he chose to keep and each and every one has the Male Genetic symbol on its blue coloured back (this really gets gasps!) Everyone will be itching for your female spectator to turn over her cards and when she does each and every one is clearly seen to be pink with the female Genetic symbol on the back!
Genetics 2 is so clean that everything may be completely examined.
You will absolutely love it!

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Customer Reviews

David Williams

I love this trick. I purchased this as a spare deck because it is so good. Go buy it you wont regret it.

Paul Callan

A lovely magic trick to perform, and very easy to do. You can take this anyway and it will work in any country. Real love this trick

Jonathon Allwood

A small sample saying come to my mind when I think about the magic of genetics 2( enjoy the beautiful weather and the little things!!) This beautiful effect is fantastic and crazy and fun to do ! That will the make you feel like you spent time with Eric Jones! Because the cool kid sean Goodman gave you a joyful effect that is just out of this world!

Andy M

Unique effect and unique principle! I like it very much. Easy to do, so one can really focus on the presentation... So many possibilities... Great! Thank you!

Mick Wilson

Superb! Adored this effect since it was first released. I've always performed this in a light hearted 'compatibility test' style. The cards themselves produce the comedy from the spectators as they are shown. I've always found that onlookers automatically join in with the routine, supplying comical feed lines as they go, which in turn draws the attention well away from the process that is taking place as it becomes completely about the 2 participants making the choices and some light hearted fun at their expense. My only disappointment with version 2 (and it's not big a disappointment to be honest) is the removal of the TV remote from the cards as I got a lot of mileage out of that card alone. Other than that though, top quality cards, as always, excellent additional handling tips and still an absolute joy to perform. Great stuff!

Mike Kent

Absolutely love this. Brilliantly clever OOTW variation and it certainly fooled me. Also love the fact that the cards can be freely examined, and so easy to perform. Top marks Sean!

Neil Bird

Absolutely Genius! From a shuffled collection of photos, these can be freely chosen by your participants. The brilliance is in its simplicity to start the effect after the pack has been mixed. Superb! I have many effects in the magic case... this is going to be one of my new favourites.

Giles Saunders

I have always liked OOTW effects and own a variety of them. This is right up there as one of my favourites. The handlings explained by Sean are great and called be applied to other routines. The cards themselves are well made and allow the performer to deliver the effect in various manners. The markings are subtle and will go unnoticed.

Steve Black

A very good effect that will not take up much pocket space. The marking system is very clever and the cards are printed beautifully. Can be presented in a comedy or serious way. However, I think I would regard this as The Gallery lite.

Mark Call

Beautifully SIMPLE and FUN! Great props that you can take in many directions ... after watching the instructions you will almost feel guilty because the method is so easy and baffling to the spectators. This one goes in the FUN-WORKER pile for sure!

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