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GHOST Deluxe Package by Alchemy Tree

GHOST Deluxe Package by Alchemy Tree

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Here’s what you get…

GHOST DELUXE EDITION (103 minutes of tuition.) The deluxe version includes everything from the standard edition plus "Schmetterling”.

Ghost Part 1

Collin introduces this TOTALLY IMPROMPTU principle for creating an unprecedented level of fairness and openness in coin magic.   The Ghost Principal enables you to perform a whole host of amazing sleights; even in short sleeves!


The Basic Ghost Vanish

It looks like real magic!   Close your hand for just a moment … and the coin is gone. The mechanics of the move are fully examined, and the extra tips will on make the move invisible.


SkyFall - An invisible coin falls from nowhere and materialises the very moment that it hits your waiting hand.

Closed Fist Production - An empty hand closes and immediately reopens to display a coin.  Three variations are taught.

Basic Vanishes

This section takes established sleights and reimagines them, with moves such as …

Ghost of the Shell - An impromptu vanish of one of several coins, which is as clean as using a gimmick … but it can be performed with BORROWED coins. 

The Ghost Drop – A French Drop where BOTH hands finish empty.

The Ghost Pop - Geoff Latta’s French Pop is exploded wide open as you finish by revealing an empty hand.


The Ghost Spider Vanish – A real magician-fooler: this super-clean vanish blends elements of The Spider-Grip Vanish, The Retention Vanish and The Ghost Principal, to create a magical mind-masher.


Extra Tips

The Ghost Move can elevate your coin magic to a new plane.  Collin explains how.

Develop multiple-coin routines which start AND end with clearly empty hands.  No more fumbling loads or clumsy ditches: this is as clean as it comes.

Remove peculiar "hand-washing” and over-proving sequences from your magic.

And finally, clean up easily when a spectator says, "It’s in the other hand.”


Learn two super clean switches which you’ll immediately want to add to your spellbound routines.  Plus, switching in gimmicked coins, has never been cleaner.

The Advanced Handling

Three BRAND NEW vanishes will allow you to vanish a coin in short sleeves and immediately show both sides of the hand empty.

Utility Passes

The ghost principal can create super-clean utility passes.  Combine these with the other material on this project to revolutionise your coin routines.


Collin has spent the last seven years studying and dissecting 3-fly routines from all over the world.   Schmetterling is his favourite ungimmicked version and aims to iron out the weak points of other 3-Fly routines.

It uses the Ghost technique to stunning effect.  You can view a full performance of Schmetterling here.

Everything on this project is taught in the usual, detailed Alchemy Tree Format, so you’ll have everything you need to start perfecting this amazing technique.


By purchasing the deluxe version you’ll be among the first to benefit from our brand-new stand-alone DOWNS PALM and FRENCH DROP tutorials, which are not yet available anywhere else.

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Customer Reviews

Burt Ebel

I purchased the Ghost Project Deluxe package. I give it 5 Stars, but it deserves more. So add another 5. Let’s give it 10 stars Great job. Collin & Simon. You’re rewriting the book on Coin Magic. It is so good to see the return of pure sleight of hand once again. The world of magic is getting to electronic for me. I’m originally a New Yorker, who hung out in Tannen’s, and Al Flosso’s. Back in the 1970’s I was heavily into coin & card magic. The group I hung out with had a rule, “no gimmicks are allowed”. It had to be pure sleight of hand, regardless if it were Cards, or Coins, no gimmicks allowed. It wasn’t until David Roth said, “it’s okay to use gimmicks as long as you bring them in and out of play correctly.” did I start using gimmick coins. Anyway, this Ghost Project you introduced is fantastic, and Schmetterling is the best 3 Fly I have ever seen. Well done gentleman, well done. If anyone is looking to better their coin manipulation, this project will teach you a lot, and is well worth the money. The video instructions are crystal clear, and of excellent quality. I will be watching out for future alchemy tree products.

Kev Gregson

So I don't really do much coin stuff at all, but its an area I want improve in my arsenal. After seeing the trailer I could see the potential in this move to be added to any coin routine - even if you just wanted to use it for the production/appearance I think its worth purchasing. After watching the tutorial I could do this pretty much instantly...(Maybe I'm just a fast learner) but appreciate it will take practice for it to be really consistent and natural, but this is definitely something you can practice anywhere so If you have a coin on you you're good to go. I had a good idea on the method, but there were certain moves and gestures which made me doubt that and fooled me! - but when I saw how Collin achieved this, the method is fantastic and the teaching is top notch. After about 15 mins of practice I was able to link a vanish with a production so based on that I think a 3 star difficulty rating is fair (And I'm in no way proficient with coins). Yes it's going to take some practice to get it to a level I'd be confident performing it at a gig, but that's like anything. You do need 'something else' to aid the method, which the majority of people have but there are alternatives you could use, which are completely a personal choice. This 'something else' can be adjusted to accommodate different sized coins so you can really use any coin or poker chip. I'm currently using a UK £2 but the gif linked above is using poker chips that I've also had a play with. Yes you do need to consider your angles, like most coin manipulations but if you are aware of them I don't see this as a big barrier for me in the context of where I mainly perform (at weddings) and the angle restrictions are covered well in the tutorial along with ways to enable a wider performing angle - for me my audience is usually in front of me so not a problem. The Alchemy Tree have done a great job on the tutorial, which is really clear and shot really well. Collin covers lots of variations and shows how this move can be combined with other well known moves such as the French drop and shuttle pass to take them to another level. I got the deluxe version which also includes Collin's 3 fly routine, which looks superb but I'm going to practice a little more before I move onto that. Happy with my purchase and will be keeping an eye on the other stuff The Alchemy Tree put out.

Terry Morgan

I have mixed feelings about this purchase. On one hand it is a beautiful move that is worth the time to learn. On the other hand I will probably never use it. The reasons? 1) Because of angles you can only perform it under certain conditions. It is perfect for a Zoom Shows or Social Media Video. Live "Real World" performances would be more problematic (but not impossible). The video does show how to "cover" certain Angle problems. I work surrounded in a Water Park and could never use it there. 2) There is something "extra" you need to perform the move that you may not HAVE or WANT. Note: The move is advertised as a 3 out of 5 difficulty. As someone who has been performing Coin Magic for over 50 years and learned from Slydini, Roth, Goshman and Dingle, I would rate it a 4 or higher. I will take a LOT of practice to do smoothly and is somewhat "knacky" to learn. However, once mastered you will have a miracle under the right conditions. Due to the reasons listed above I would personally use it only in a "controlled situation" such as a Zoom Show or a Social Media video.

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