Heirloom Emily's Revenge Whitechapel Edition


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Heirloom is one of our all time best sellers.  Emily's Revenge is truly a routine that will touch your spectator. A reputation maker that is perfectly scripted with a chilling storyline that is guaranteed to send a shiver down your spectators spine.
Everything you need to perform this amazing effect is in this package including the new deluxe Heirloom wallet White Chapel edition, photos, letters, bonus images and full DVD and written instructions.

Heirloom Deluxe Wallet White Chapel Edition and Emily's Revenge Complete Package.

Our luxurious London Collection is growing and we are very proud to add The Heirloom Whitechapel to the collection.

Heirloom took a dark twist with Jamie and Colin's Emily's revenge script and presentation. The story is both engaging and chilling and created a picture of Victorian England.  We felt with its history Whitechapel would be the perfect name for our classic looking Heirloom wallet.

If you perform Heirloom you will want to upgrade to the White Chapel wallet.  Made in luxurious brown leather this wallet will get dark and age beautifully in time creating the perfect illusion of a wallet that has been handed down.

Your Heirloom White Chapel  wallet will come complete with full Emily's Revenge trick and additional ideas and routines.

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