IMPROVISO Streaming Video

IMPROVISO Streaming Video
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Alakazam Magic are proud to present four impromptu miracles from members of the Alakazam Team. These effects are easy to do, require items that are readily available when you don’t have your magic props to hand (such as playing cards), require little preparation or memory work, if any, and are strong pieces to perform. Featured on the video are;

Harry Nardi performing a great Mentalism routine with sweets. It’s easy to do, fun to perform and you get to eat the props at the end. What’s not to like!

Chris Forster uses two ordinary matchsticks to create an impromptu telekinetic effect that you physically see happening and, if you’re the participant involved, you feel happening in a truly eerie way. Strange magic at your fingertips!

Using just some pocket change Dave Loosley presents a fabulous two stage coin prediction that you can carry in your pocket or borrow change to perform. Dave has taken the basic routine and added the ‘Loosley Touch’ to make this a routine that has a neat climax and that you’ll be performing over and over again.

Lastly comes an explanation of the effect that got everyone talking on a recent VLOG, The Spirit Pen. Andy Smith goes through the mechanics of this effects and the little tips he has found in the years he has been performing it. A pen, when tapped on the table, mysteriously taps back apparently of its own accord! This has to be seen to be believed and is an impromptu effect you will love performing.

These four effects are available now as a streaming video and you will be performing them in no time at all. You’ll never be at a loss to perform again when truly put on the spot after learning these great impromptu effects.

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Customer Reviews

Alexander Ross

Impromptu magic is very useful and I was intrigued to know the secret of the Spirit Pen and for the cost I thought it well worthwhile! So I ordered IMPROVISO and was both surprised and very pleased with the method, and, have successfully and quite easily managed to make it work with one or two writing implements. Moreover the other tricks greatly add to the possibility of coming out with instant solutions to “Show me a trick!” whether or not you are caught off guard by someone wanting you to prove you can do some magic particularly when you are without arranged props or equipment (Well done again Alakazam :))

Philip Phillips

Hoards of us were eagerly awaiting the reveal of the tapping pen, well, we now know the secret and I’m smiling at the cute method! No disappointment here, don’t miss it, perfect for Halloween. It comes with other amusing fun novelties wrapped around it making the download a neat little package.

Darren Bane

I was one of the many people pleading for the secret behind the 'spirit/tapping pen' routine to be released since watching Andy perform it on a recent VLOG - and that alone is worth the price of Improviso. When I watched the tutorial for the pen effect, I confess to being a little sceptical about it; I should have known better, of course. As soon as I got my hands on biro, I tried it and was amazed at the outcome. This really is a lovely effect which, with just a little practice in order to perfect the hiding of the 'dirty work' as Andy calls it, will be a favourite to perform for sure. It is so simple, yet has a wow factor and, of course, whatever you use can be thoroughly examined. And that's just one effect in this download, which runs just short of an hour. There are three others, too - the first one, performed by Harry - also catching my eye in particular. Chris works wonders with noting more than a pair of matchsticks, and Dave offers an excellent coin routine. This download represents excellent value for money, and offers four quality effects which magicians will quickly be able to master, and adapt to their own styles, ensuring that they are always ready to respond to that "oh, so you're a magician are you, show me a trick then," plea. Well worth waiting for, superb value, highly recommend.

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