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Inconceivable by Luke Jonas Book


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‘Luke has a truly beautiful mind, and it shows through his work as a mentalist’ – Morgan Strebler.

‘After reading this, I really am excited to see what the future holds for Luke! – Peter Turner


In this beautifully crafted book, Luke teaches you several hard hitting, tried and tested mentalism effects and routines suitable for both stage shows and more intimate close up performance pieces.

Effects with newspapers, Playing cards and even coins. There are essays where you can learn Luke’s unique approach to the Importance of storytelling and how you can learn to become a better storyteller to improve your performances!

The foreword has been written by the legend that is PETER TURNER. This book is extremely limited and will not be re printed each copy has been individually numbered and signed by Luke.

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Customer Reviews

David Whitney

I know Luke personally as he attends Magic Mondays online community group which I run and first met him. I don't want to appear biased and I am sure he would prefer me to be honest too - but this is truly excellent! If you are looking for a book to help you focus on approaches in mentalism then this is for you. This is not just tricks. Its psychology, motivation- affect rather than effect. Its a small book but packed with essays and techniques that are easy to incorporate into your work straight away. There is also a lot of work combining card magic and mentalism which I thought was really refreshing. Luke writes in a simple and effective manner. Contents Foreword written by Peter Turner Introduction The Importance of storytelling - essay The Newspaper Opener - lukes opener he uses for close up, stage and parlour environments Playing Cards - essay on playing cards in mentalism True Loves Test - strong mentalism effect for a couple, with a seemingly hands off approach Newtons Touch - utility move to switch cards using no gimmicks that is hands off - this is separate marketed product and luke has included it here in its completeness too. Lucky Penny Deck Switch - effect and method of switching decks Breathe - great effect utilising a breather crimp Animal Instinct - a card mentalism effect The Undateables - mentalism routine using coins The Accomplice - essay and way to use accomplice Credits, thanks and acknowledgements Bonus! - a cards across effect you can do over zoom.

Wayne Goodman

I was so lucky to get a pre release copy of this book and it is amazing full of great routines and awesome ideas. the book looks great, is well written and presented and shows that Luke has spent a lot of time working on the explanations to make them clear and concise. I 100% recommend this book and cant wait to see what Luke has next for us.

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