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Inside Out By ProMystic


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*Requires a PMR Standard Receiver. If you do not already own a PMR receiver please add one via the check box at the bottom of the page. 

Inside Out is a whole new concept in performing with a Cube. Use this tool for giving powerful readings or predictions. Inside Out is a 1.2 inch empty box or container with configurable sides. You can choose to perform with the supplied colour tiles, wood engraved emotion tiles, or customise with the whiteboard tiles with Lexan covers. You can use the container to hold a prediction that is in the spectators hands the entire time, or use it to justify performing a CT.

Imagine performing a reading by asking someone to write the name of a friend or loved one. Then fold the paper into a small square. You can use an Imp pad or perform your favourite CT to gain the information you need. Now, using cancelling methods you can have the spectator think of one or two emotions about the person and you can then reveal the emotions they are thinking of and then the name of the person they are thinking of.

Anywhere, anytime
Only 1.2 inches across
Configurable sides
Comes with Colour Tiles, Wood Tiles and Whiteboard tiles with Lexan protectors
Includes instructional video links
Performance from up to 30 feet away
No assistants
Bonus - Ran Pink shares basic instructions of his excellent T-REX centre tear. He also provides Inside Out routine ideas in the included video.

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Customer Reviews

Phil Macleod

this is a great utility. there are several routines out of the box (pun intended) easy to setup and use and you'll be able to come up with ways to work it into lots of your own routines.

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