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Its The Thought That Counts By John Carey

Its The Thought That Counts By John Carey

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As part of his ongoing Lock-Download video series, we are delighted to release John Carey’s effect It’s The Thought That Counts, inspired by a great E.G Brown mental mystery with a regular shuffled deck of cards.

In effect 12 cards are taken from the deck and displayed. Two packets of 6 cards are made and your participant genuinely just thinks of a card in one packet. Then one card vanishes from one packet and amazingly reappears in the other packet and is shown to be their thought of card.

The handling is super clean and not that difficult either! Peter and John then deconstruct the effect in great detail and teach the handling and offer bonus presentation ideas that will inspire you.

This effect is perfect for zoom video work as well as in person. Check out an uncut performance and pick up your copy today!

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Darren Bane

This isn't just another Instant Magic Download. It's a John Carey download. Enough said!

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