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JC Summer School Download John Carey

JC Summer School Download John Carey

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The Alakazam Academy are proud to present Summer School By the incredible John Carey. 

This is brand new instant download featuring 11 hard hitting items from the creative UK magician. With brand new unreleased material you are in for a real treat as john takes you step by step through all the details needed to start performing these effects right away. 

Accompanied by the Alakazam Academy’s incredibly high production values and multiple camera angles, no stone will be left unturned.

What will you learn ?

Summer School Set List JC

1. The Big Finish! No spoilers. This is a very easy, but strong and funny opening card effect!

2. The imagination game. A card formed using the spectators imagination is revealed to be in your pocket. No sleights, just subtlety and smoke!

3. Open Prediction 2019. Carey’s super sneaky approach to a classic plot!

4. Yours and Mine! A super fair packet effect where they make all the choices! Very commercial!

5. Yours and Mine Transposition. A very direct multiple Transposition effect. Almost self working!

6. In the hands false riffle shuffle. A beautiful false shuffle that won’t break your fingers! Very deceptive.


7. The JC One coin routine! An action packed one coin routine, loaded with action. You will learn myriad sleights to add to your repertoire. A mini workshop on coin magic!

8. That’s mine so these must be?! A lovely commercial just chance routine you will use.

9. There’s nothing I can know! A super sneaky impossible divination effect.

10. The Hopscotch Control. A highly deceptive card control.


11. Semi Automatic All Backs. A sleightless version of a card classic you will love using!

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Customer Reviews

William McGregor

I have just watched the section on false cuts and controls again, they are so deceptive an ingenious. if you are putting together a new card set you need to get this.

Andy Kean

I had the pleasure of seeing JC live in Melbourne recently, he was amazing. This summer school academy was an absolute bargain classic John Carey was in fine form plus brilliant camera angles to enable easy learning. Do yourself a favour buy it today.

Tony Middleton

Excellent, what a great lesson in magic and i agree Sunday is the better day. John is a great teacher we have had him at the Pentacle club to lecture, i think the whole thing was great well done everyone.

Alan White

£9.99, daylight robbery ……. for us! Another fabulous lecture from the inimitable John Carey. Great material here as usual and the production was fabulous as always. Sarah also did a great job, she looks more confident every time. Perfect hosting from Peter with some extra ideas for good luck. Altogether a wonderful experience.

Marcelo Rossi

Excellent class, two and a half hours of pure magic, simple and easy to perform and very impressive. Despite my little English I found everything very clear and easy to understand. Thanks J.C.!

Mike Craft

Brilliant. My first seminar with you. Loved it. Will look forward to the next one. As discussed, Sunday was a good day. Longer break to make a cup of tea and rest my brain from information overload!!!

Neil Bird

Another brilliant Academy session! John is a great teacher. I love that there is no rush to move on... John takes us through a great selection of effects. I know I'll be adding a couple of these to my set. Easy to do card magic that everyone can do.


Another awesome Academy what else is there to say these sessions are always packed with material and always a fun way the spend the evening.

Mat Briscoe

So my first Academy and I am blown away! This is really my first step into card magic, (but would think there is about in the first half alone to get any card worker picking up at least a handful of things)JC and Peter are brilliant together and even at the halfway point my mind is racing with how to for these into my shows. What’s also great that I never took into account is the live chat with other people chipping in with great ideas to add to the routines and ask the questions that you are thinking about too. What can I say, amazing value for money (if I’d of brought a packet trick it would of sat on the shelf for the same price) JC is a great teacher and keeps it very simple whilst delivering some really powerful routines. Thanks and look forward to the next academy!

Trevor Hargreaves

A great first half with plenty of good content and a lot of food for thought. Well taught by John. Looking forward to the second half and also looking forward to viewing the course later in the week to learn the effects in greater detail. My first Academy course - it won't be my last!

Peter McCluskey

The easy going presentation from John easy to understand. Great value for money and tricks you don't have to spend more on props except a pack of cards

Phil Craven

John Carey at his easy to listen to, easy to follow best. Some great effects and nice toolbox pieces too. Well done the Alakazam team, yet again!!

Jayson Staples

it is brillant ,and very great information,and a great course for someone who is new to the adcademy ,excellent course

William McGregor

magic at its best -the references of books and other magicians to look up are as invaluable. The ideas Peter added enhances the tricks.

Darren Bane

Once again, the maestro that is John Carey delivers another magical masterclass. Wonderful effects, nothing that will take months and months to work out - a little practice just to master the little nuances and subtleties, and you're away. John's affable, avuncular manner always makes learning such fun. It's not like you are in a classroom being taught, it's as if you're having a conversation with a friend who is just showing you a few things. Wonderful stuff, as always but also with plenty of latitude and leeway in order to add your own elements to the effects in order to make them your own. In a word, awesome.

Phill Evans

Once again JC delivers. A great first half full of straight forward awesome workers. John has a knack for finding the simplest ways to produce jaw dropping effects. I'm buzzing with ideas to add to my sets, close up and stage. Ready for part 2.

Gary Newman

This is an interesting and informative download with lots of interesting ideas. Well explained and good ideas for practicing moves. This is a good watch for magicians of all skills and abilities - there will be very few people who will not take something from this excellent course. Personally - I think that it paid for itself in the first three effects. I cant wait for the next course.

Scott Clark

John at his best. Everything clearly explained. And workable. And not just using cards. And I'm on a break as well, so have time to work on them.

Richard Weston

What a great way to chill on a Sunday evening. Magic with Mr. John Carey hosted by Mr. Peter Nardi and with expert filming and editing by the Alakazam team. Only a tenner for 11 plus effects, false shuffles and added subtleties, plus the ability to ask questions live from all involved. That also includes all of the other members watching alone with you. So many questions from so many people always results in great discussions and some magic learning opportunities. Add to this, that at any time, you can ask for a view from a different angle or a repeat of a trickie move and you would be mad to miss this. Oh and if all that wasn't enough, you can watch it back when ever you want , as many times as you want. Sorry did I forget to mention the dedicated Facebook group that all academy's have. Yes you can even ask questions after the event and still get answer. Treat yourself to this and future courses and you will will not be disappointed. I would say or your money back but come on it is Peter Nardi. You can't have everything, almost but not everything. Thanks guys, Rgds Rik, a true Alakazam addict.

Brian Stewart

John Carey can always be relied on to put on a great Academy course and this Summer School is no exception. Some easy tricks and some great forces and a false shuffle to boot. As always Peter Nardi can be relied on to give his excellent input as well. Fantastic value as always and of course the usual Alakazam high quality production values.

Scott McLellan

First ever review and first ever live academy...WOW!!! only at the break and learned so much already...John is a fantastic teacher and magician. I love the format of the acadamy and learn so much additional info and tips from the chats between John and Peter...Love the 'yours and mine' trick. Defo going into my new infinity wallet. Can't wait for the second half...time to get my cards out and practice what will become my new in he hands false shuffle.

Scott Paton

john is incredible teacher of magic. effects are awesome and psychology and smoke behind the methods are dynamite. this is a must buy!!!

Antony Hicks

This is truly a great lecture John always gives value for money and his learning ability is excellent. Great magic as usual.

Mark S

A brilliant first half. John Carey never fails to deliver a varied and interesting range of tricks and sleights. His false shuffles are worth the price of admission alone. Can't wait for the 2nd half. Keep up the great work!


As usual John is at the top : good easy to do card tricks with tips, relevant thoughts and simples and unfamiliars techniques.

André Van Tichelen

again a fabulous John Carey lesson : summer school as it should be : practical, easy and useble.... I was already a fan, again I'm even more now... recommend everybody this course (and all other JC products.... Waiting already for the next ... it' so great...

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