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John Carey Academy Instant Download

John Carey Academy Instant Download

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 John’s courses have proven so popular in the last 3 years and this new one he’s prepared for us is packed full of powerful and practical card magic!

 This course will focus on a classic plot in card magic- the sandwich effect. John has chosen some true gems from some of the masters to teach you plus his own versions of the effect. Here’s the Syllabus!

1. Three card catch- Reinhard Muller

2. One eyed Jack sandwich- Harry Lorayne 3. Standard sandwich featuring John’s beautiful finessed sandwich load.

4. Triple trapped! A beautiful 3 phase sandwich routine you will love using!

5. Vanishing sandwich. Pure eye candy.

6. The rising sandwich! A rising card and a sandwich all in one. A beautiful synergy.

7. Seeker Sandwich- Ed Oschmann. A truly great slow motion sandwich.

8. Mental Sandwich. You will love this effect where a card thought of in a game of imagination magically appears trapped between the Jokers.

9. Thought and Trapped. A super clean sandwich effect of a genuinely thought of card! Two great utility items will be taught here you can use for tons of things.



Two non-sandwich effects will wrap up Johns course.

10. Taylor CAAN. A very sneaky and deceptive card at any number effect.

11. T.S CAAN. A very different at any number effect using a brilliant John Bannon move. A worker!! 

As well as the effects you will learn techniques applicable to other effects, plus John will discuss timing, attitude and getting the most out of your practice sessions. 

At the end of the session there will be a Q and A session with John, Peter and Harry. Ask the questions and get the answers!

It promises to be a really great evening. The course, as always will be recorded for your enjoyment, so don’t worry if you can’t make it live as all ticket holders will receive the course recording within 24 hours.

Take advantage now of the special early bird price of £14.99

We look forward to seeing you online!

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Customer Reviews

Sam Kintzer

I just bought and watched the download of this great course. John Carey is a master. This course is jam-loaded with effects and subtleties. The Franklin Taylor Curious Count is worth the price of admission. What a great value. Thank you, John, and thank you Alakazam for this fabulous course.

David Hand

What an amazing night of John Carey magic, every effect was five stars+ and each effect just got better each time. There were some excellent workers here and some really clever ideas on established moves. A brilliant night by a master lecturer and magician.

Warren Tredaway

Another superb master class by John covering not just a classic of magic but sharing lots of techniques that can be used in many other effects from controls to switches......if it's got John Carey's name on it you can't go wrong just click the buy now button.

Gregg Britton

This is an excellent academy course. John Carey’s lectures are always informative and deliver more than expected. He clearly explains each effect, takes time to discuss every sleight, and is ready to answer questions. These are very practical, working effects that can go immediately into your act. Buy this - you will not be disappointed.

Alexander Ross

Tuition spot on as usual from John! No more needs to be said it is as always worth every penny for another one of Mr Carey's Courses.

Andrew Kean

Fantastic course as always great value and lots of real world workable material. The interactions with Pete and Harry plus practice tips are worth their weight in gold. Do yourself a favour for Christmas - Buy This !!!

William McGregor

If you think you have seen all of Johns stuff, you’re wrong, this lecture has loads of new routines and some great slights. His advice on practicing was simple but sound. Glad I came on this academy.

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