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John Carey Presents STEALTH

John Carey Presents STEALTH

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*Please note this is a PDF and will go in to your Alakazam account in the section marked PDFs and Downloads.

Alakazam are delighted that John Carey has given us a world exclusive on his new release Stealth! The effect is a thought of card at any number that’s so clean, you will immediately want to add this to your repertoire!

Yes the spectator shuffles the cards, yes they think of one and their card appears at a randomly generated number! Want the great news? There is zero sleight of hand! Check out a full uncut performance by Harry Nardi with Peter right now.


Stealth is supplied as a photo illustrated ebook. Harry learnt this routine in 10 mins. Want a reputation maker? This is Stealth!

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Customer Reviews

Andy M

Wow!!! This is amazing! How is it possible?! I didn't believe it will work until I took the cards in my hands, studied the instructions and performed the effect. And then - Simply: WOW!!! How is this possible?! Well, it is! Clear instructions with photos will help you learn this fantastic miracle! I highly recommend it!

Roger Chico De Coster

Stealth by John Carey is a fantastic trick. I immediately purchased it after watching it performed on a Alakazam Magic Live quarantine show. I paused the video and purchased it on the spot. It comes as a pdf download and it was very easy to learn from as it had several photos that helped explain the setup. I have been practicing it for a couple of days and the method is so simple and fooling. I keep thinking to myself that there is no way this is going to work, but it has every time so far. I highly recommend Stealth. John Carey and Alakazam Magic have done it again!

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