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Leos Coin By Leo Smetsers


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If you have ever met Leo in person you will know he is always performing.  No matter where we go together he’s doing magic.  One of Leo’s best kept secrets was his coin.  I remember sitting in a restaurant in Italy with Leo when he started performing magic to the waiters.  One of them called the boss over to see some magic. Leo reached in to his pockets and removed his keys and then proceeded to remove a coin shaped key-ring. What followed was 5 minutes of entertainment. He performed a which hand routine, a card effect, and some mind reading. The owner of the restaurant was so impressed he paid for all of our drinks and even sat down and joined us for the next 30 minutes.

I’m glad that Leo has finally decided to release his coin and as you can imagine it has gone through so many stages of prototyping and production to ensure its the high quality you have come to expect from Leo Smetsers.

In the package you will receive 
  • The custom designed and manufactured Key Ring
  • High quality deployment clasp for easy removal and attachment 
  • A tutorial video unlocking the secrets of Leo’s Coin. On this video Leo explains ten killer effects for close-up, parlor, mix and mingle and stage!
Leo's Coin is a powerful weapon to carry with you.  

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Customer Reviews

Nick Menday

I’ve had several coins with multiple effects. This is by far the best, nicely produced coin. The effects are a step away from the usual ones that are on multi effect coins and credit cards. A lot of thought has gone into this coin. This is not one for my ‘magic drawer’, this will be used. I love it

Bert Van Dyck

I've purchased this directly from Leo and this is a little powerhouse on your keyring. Top quality prop and highly recommended !!!

Phil Macleod

I love this thing, loads of built in things to use. great little dvd and just a fun little utility to carry with you . its built really well and easy for both performer and spectator lovely shiny little thing

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