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Leos Crazy Carousel Instant Download (Filmed 9th Jan 2021)

Leos Crazy Carousel Instant Download (Filmed 9th Jan 2021)
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You will learn from 5 amazing magicians each sharing their own brand of magic. 
Chris Wood (UK)
Andy Smith (UK)
Gunther Guinee (Belgium)
Manuel Muerte (Germany)
Leo Smetsers (Holland)
Plus a special performance by Etienne Pradier  
You will learn effects with Playing Cards, Coins, Greeting Cards, A sponge, a Cigar tin, a two cup routine and more!
There is also a great lecture on creating your very own Zoom show!

What's more Leo is keeping it to a crazy low price of only £29.99 for the entire download.  That's £29.99 for all five lectures!

Each lecture runs for approximately 1 hour so that's five hours of magic tuition from five amazing magicians for less than £30.00.  

The download is saved in your account for you to download and keep forever!

It was a fantastic day (just read the reviews)  hosted by Peter & Harry Nardi and the crazy Dutchman himself Leo Smetsers.

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Customer Reviews

Johnathon Breckin

Total professionally executed . From both Leo and Peter and Harry at alakasam. Leo is always a pleasure to watch and such a nice and totally funny guy. Got so many ideas and help from the guest artist that have been on so far.

Glenn Mulleners

I've been to all Leo's Crazy days and have seen some of the lecturers live in the past (and even participated as a spectator for some tricks). Grabbing a ticket for today's online version was a no-brainer. Thank you Leo, Alakazam and all crew members for organizing this event.


The crazy carousel is something I have not heard of before however, I have watched Chris wood and Andy smith so far and all I can say is wow !! some great material well executed and well explained. Peter and Harry are as good as ever and Leo has put together a great day of magic. THIS IS A BARGAIN still have loads more to see great work guys

Wallie Groote

still the best opener of the Year The first full weekend of januari. Live is nice. Online you missed the people buth this was the best sollution. Nice and good lectures. Thanks to Leo en Alakazam for this day

William McGregor

I keep missing the opportunty to go to Holland for the live show, always booked up. This conference so far has been awesome, i have learned loads of new stuff and we are only 1/3rd of the way through. Great value .

David Hand

I am, so pleased I joined this session. It must be the best online event I have ever attended. We are not even half way through, and the content has been just amazing and although I am making notes notes, it will all be available to re-watch again and again. What a brilliant start to the year from Alakazam and Leo, thank you again. 5 star plus

Jan Meeusen

Really fun! despite it is online, but no troubles with that! i'm enjoying it! crazy and awesome lectures!

Kevin Bowman

This is the first of Leo's 'Crazy Carousel' days to be online. Hope that they will also do more of this yearly get together online in the future for those who can't attend the day in Holland. Chris Wood gave the first lecture of the day and what a lecture that was, fantastic, loved this lecture. Andy Smith another fantastic lecture. I am looking forward to the rest of this high quality filled day.

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