Lethal Tender - Gold and Silver by Neo Inception

Lethal Tender - Gold and Silver by Neo Inception

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Based on the amazing classic by Steve Dusheck, Lethal Tender Gold & Silver is a Lethal Tender designed as a version with both a gold coin and silver coin. In this way, the audience can experience the magic of the existing "Lethal Tender" more intuitively.

Think about it!

Almost all audiences (except Americans) who have never seen coin magic do not know the half dollar and Chinese coin well.

However, anyone in the world can easily understand coins that are made of gold and silver.

Now you can perform a more natural presentation using a gold coin and silver coin when you perform Lethal Tender magic!

Hand out two coins to your spectator directly in order to check whether everything is all right. Then place one on their hand, and you hold the other. Magically, the two coins change places.

Features of Lethal Tender Gold & Silver

Before you perform the magic, you can have your spectator examine the coins.

You'll learn three methods -some that are easy to do, and another presentation method where a little practice will be necessary.

It can be reset very fast.

It is exactly the same in size and weight between the half dollar and these coins.

It has been elaborately completed by designing the coins a total of three times.

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Customer Reviews

G Bairstow

Fantastic value at an excellent price, better than the previous version. I use it along with M-case by Mickael Chatelain. (card in wallet = J.S. blue back facedown) I give spec' a red deck of cards, ask them to examine, mix, spread facedown & remove any unseen card & place in card box!!! Then I bring out the Lethal Tender wallet & perform routine. At the end, two mystery cards, one in wallet & one in card box! Allow spectator to place both cards facedown on the table, Then turn both card over!!!! BRILLIANT.

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